We all have our sleeping quirks. It’s okay, you can be honest. Some of you are avid earplug wearers, while others can’t get any shuteye without a fan running on high. We’re guessing a few of you guys have noise machines. Maybe you even went as far as to buy your spouse a pillow that prevents snoring. But if you’re going to be high maintenance about something, it might as well be sleeping. A girl needs her beauty sleep, and there’s nothing worse than a night of tossing and turning.

There’s a new pair of headphones on the block that *might* have you developing a brand new sleeping quirk. Say hello to Bedphones — a pair of headphones designed for the ultimate bedtime tunes experience. What makes Bedphones so awesome? Well, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 :)

First, believe it or not Bedphones are the world’s thinnest headphones. Their incredibly thin and lightweight design is actually 15 percent thinner than other headphones on the market. The folks at Bedphones say they “pretty much disappear” between your ear and the pillow. Did we mention they fit to your ear so they don’t get lost in your bed while you sleep.

Next up is the app. Did we say app? Yeah we did! That’s right Bedphones comes with a Sleep App that enhances your listening experience. Smart mode monitors your activity and shuts your music off after you fall asleep. If you’re afraid the sudden silence might actually wake you up, then try using timer mode. It gradually lowers the volume to zero over a period of time that you set. Hate fumbling around on your phone to pause the music with the exact wrong jam comes on? The app also has a basic mode that turns your entire phone screen into a play/pause button. So. Rad.

Last but not least, is it really practical to have a pair of headphones JUST for sleeping? Bedphones work like everyday headphones too. Just like a pair of iPhone headphones, you can get an inline microphone that allows you to make phone calls, skip tracks, and play/pause your music. They also come with a super-sturdy travel case to keep them safe when you’re on the go.

Do you think Bedphones sound useful? Would they help you sleep? Do you have any other sleep quirks you’re brave enough to share :)