We held ourselves back from making the headline for this something a little more dun dun dun, like: “CAN THIS PILLOW SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE?” But if you’re sleeping next to a chronic snorer who you’re constantly rolling over on their side, this might be exactly what you need to invite into bed.

Although it looks like your average memory foam pillow, this smart sleep accessory can detect the sonic vibrations of snoring through an integrated microphone. It then inflates an internal “air bladder” to make the pillow three inches deeper, which is enough to rouse someone to move their head or body. You can adjust the Snore Activated Nudging Pillow depending on how heavily you snore and manually inflate the pillow to your desired thickness.

This sounds very cool and definitely something we’d try if those nose strips couldn’t solve a snoring problem. If there was a way to make it part of a sleep tracking system that could help you detect and fix other sleep issues, that would be even better. We’ll *sleep* on that idea and you can score your own Snore Activated Nudging Pillow online now for $150.

It might not be the prettiest pillow we’ve ever posted about on Brit + Co., but it is at least way less terrifying than its predecessor, the tickling bear pillow.

Are you or whoever you cuddle up to at night a snorer? Would you try this pillow?