Remember when we told you that beer + yoga was poised to be the next fitness trend? Well, as it turns out, we were right. Companies across the US from Oregon to Florida have been following Port City Brewing Company鈥檚 lead and incorporating IPAs (or Brewstein protein beer, if you want to step it up a notch!) to accompany their downward dogs, and now CNN has rounded up some insight as to why the trend might be seeing such success.

beer yoga 1

Though it may seem counterintuitive (the term 鈥渂eer belly鈥 hasn鈥檛 exactly always had the most positive connotation), experts are finding that drinking in moderation actually increases your probability of working out by more than 10%. Say whatttt? That鈥檚 right: The drinkers among us are, on average, more active than the non-drinkers. The study鈥檚 co-author suggests to CNN that the correlation may be due to the fact that both activities release dopamine and endorphins.

beer yoga 2

Or maybe it鈥檚 the motivational reward factor? Bull Falls Brewery owner Mike Zamzow told CNN he thought that the social aspect in his taproom encouraged positive peer pressure to keep at goals and not to quit.

Either way, we鈥檙e feeling their logic. Why NOT have your cake (and by cake, we mean sweet, sweet yeast-filled nectar) and eat it too? Sign us up!

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(h/t CNN and photos via @ashleylaurenyoga and @mikkitrow)