For some of us, yoga is the perfect way to unwind, work on our flexibility and stay centered. And we can’t even imagine not practicing it on a regular basis. For others, it’s a little intimidating, or maybe even boring. But there’s a yoga class in Virginia that’s got a little something for everybody, and by that we mean there is beer involved.


Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria, Virgina offers a weekly “BeerYoga” class to help visitors get bendy before they get loose. For $15, you can enjoy a yoga class and a post-yoga pint.

So far, the Alexandria community has been loving it. “Our feedback has been that they really enjoy that it’s a mix of getting to do yoga and get in that yoga session, but also being able to hang out and have a happy hour atmosphere afterwards,” Tammy Portnoy, the brewery’s marketing director, tells ABC News. “Going to a yoga studio, there’s nowhere to hang out afterwards. This way we’re able to give people the social and yoga experience all in one.”

The brewery stresses moderation and doesn’t stay open much later than the time it takes to enjoy a single pint. And for those who’d rather raise their pulse a bit before downing a glassful of liquid carbs, the brewery also offers “joggers & lagers” and “pedals & pints” programs, where you can get your jog on or cycle for a while and then cool down with a cold one. Regardless of which fitness get-together might appeal to you the most, all we can say to the whole operation is “namaste.”

Would you go to BeerYoga if it came to your town? Spill (get it?) in the comment section below.

(Photo via Port City Brewing Company)