Great news for beer lovers: Sipping the mouth-watering malt beverage could actually be beneficial to your health. Supplemental Brewing’s new fortified, protein-packed beers, the Brewtein and the NutriBeer, were designed to help rev up your metabolism and change your beliefs about the bottled bev forever. Yes, you read that correctly. A beer with more nutritional benefits than your electrolyte-infused waters! Talk about a happy hour.


The protein content in the Brewtein tops that of any other beer in existence. A single bottle offers a whopping seven grams of whey protein, 13 grams of carbohydrates, 178 calories and a lower alcohol volume than its popular counterparts. But if you thought the Brewtein compromises taste for nutrition, think again. The Brewtein is an American wheat ale with a light body and a bold, clean aftertaste. Whether you drink a Brewtein from the bottle or can, or down it with a twist of lemon, you’re bound to find a new gym buddy in this beverage.

If going low-carb has put you in a dry spell, you can still have your beer and drink it too with the NutriBeer, a classic light lager option. The NutriBeer is perfect for the more calorie conscious. It offers a light, citrus body and four grams of protein, seven grams of carbs and only 122 calories. You can pop open the NutriBeer anytime and still save calories and room for an afternoon snack (beer bread, anyone?).

Want to help bring Supplemental Brewing’s protein beers to a store near you? Head over to their Kickstarter campaign before the end of October to pledge $5 or more. Or, invest $500 to join the Founder’s Club and be among the first to sip their protein beers.

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(Images via Supplemental Brewing + @supplementalbrewing)