When it comes to finding the right bra, we can all agree that it’s no easy feat. But things are changing thanks to more innovative technology and more women-designed products. In that spirit, we’re taking on the challenge of finding the absolute best bra for your needs.

In this installment of “We Tried A Bra,” we’re taking on one of the most common challenges of finding a well-fitting bra — uneven breast size. Almost every single woman has one breast larger than the other. Though the difference may be imperceivable to some, it can be the bain of the intimates shopping experience for women whose bra never fits both boobs just right. As a bra fit specialist, I have had women cry to me over this problem because they feel ashamed, imbalanced, and afraid to wear fitted clothing that might highlight the discrepancy. I even had a sobbing TV producer once reveal that she was afraid to date because she thought guys would be turned off by her uneven boobs. (I reminded her that guys don’t usually notice the small details!)

To start, it’s important to determine how big the disparity actually is between your breast sizes. The best method is to “scoop” each breast fully into your cup. If you haven’t scooped, this means put on your bra and stand in front of your mirror. Lean forward and scoop each breast forward into the cup. Get all of that breast tissue that spills around and pull it to the front. Now stand up straight and see how full your cups are. Is one a little less full or do you have a ton of space in the cup? If the gap is minimal (just annoying enough to be a noticeable difference) or up to half a cup size, there’s an easy answer to your woes. The stretchy bra.

A stretchy bra with removable padding like the Yummie Emmie T-Back Cami Bralette ($34) is the easy solution you’ve been dreaming about. This style’s elasticity will fit the smaller boob and the larger boob simultaneously whereas a stiff, molded cup bra would highlight the emptiness in your smaller side (leaving a gap in the cup). This type of bra is a game changer and is key to evening out your breast size difference. By removing the pad (generally measuring about a half cup size) from the larger side altogether or doubling up both pads on the smaller side, your breasts will appear balanced. If the gap is too large to solve with the pad and you find yourself needing even a little more help for boob A or B, we’ve got a fast fix for that too.

The Nudwear Perforated Silicone Bra Inserts ($24) are a comfortable and breathable option that can be inserted right into the bra’s pad pocket. These pads add a full cup size to either (or both) breasts.

If, however, the bra and insert combo don’t quite fix your issue and this is something that really affects your self-confidence, you could perhaps consider a more permanent solution by way of surgery. Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in New York City gave us the lowdown on differing breast sizes (technically called asymmetry). Shafer confirmed that this problem is totally normal and “most patients have about 15 to 20 percent asymmetry in terms of breast volume.” Often the nipples, breast creases, and breast location on the chest don’t alight from side to side, so solving the problem is not as simple as getting a reduction or implant in just one breast. “I would never recommend an implant [or a lift] on just one side to improve asymmetry,” says Shafer. “The best results are when surgery is performed on both sides.”

Since there are also congenital conditions that lead to changes in breast formation, it’s always best to consult your doctor before making any medical decisions. “It’s also very important that if a patient is considering breast implant surgery that they consult with a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery,” says Shafer. “There are similar sounding names and boards, so patients should clarify the credentials of their surgeon.”

So what’s the takeaway? No two boobs are created equal. If you’re bothered by your breast size issues, solving the problem might be as simple as finding the right bra style and some inserts. After all, “most women do have some asymmetry and they shouldn’t be overly focused on minor asymmetry or other issues which are perfectly natural,” says Shafer. We say, let’s love what you’ve got. There is a great bra to solve every boob problem!

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