Happy National Bike Month! In honor of the season, Redfin updated their Bike Score list, which now ranks 154 cities across the US on their bikeability. The results may surprise those who think of biking as a hobby in major cities like New York, San Francisco and Portland. Believe it or not, smaller college towns actually dominated the top 10.


So what makes a city biker friendly? The criteria used for scoring bikeability were access to bike lanes, how hilly the terrain is, destinations and road connectivity and a share of local workers’ commutes traveled by bike. Weather was not a factor which is evident because the top 10 feature some cities that are definitely not the first place you’d want to bike in the winter. Check out the list below and see if your city made the cut.

1. Cambridge, MA

2. Davis, CA

3. Berkeley, CA

4. Boulder, CO

5. Santa Cruz, CA

6. Santa Monica, CA

7. Minneapolis, MN

8. Fort Collins, CO

9. State College, PA

10. Iowa City, IA

Surprised by the results? You can view the full list at Redfin.

How biker-friendly do you consider your hometown? Tell us in the comments.

(h/t Fast Company)