When you’re biking, we agree that safety should come first, but that doesn’t mean that style has to come last. Cycling is a healthy and earth-friendly way to get to work, but who wants to deal with dorky helmets and ugly bike shorts? Whether you’re commuting every day or just cruising to the farmers’ market, your biking should manage to stay as stylish as you are. To help get your bicycle up to speed, we’ve rounded up 25 stylish and practical accessories that are a must for any biking enthusiast. From bike baskets to bike gadgets, these finds will keep you safe and fashionable.


1. Bicycles Pannier ($125): If you’re a professional commuter, you’ll love this vintage bike pannier. It easily clips onto the rear rack and then once you arrive, you have a stylish, oversized handbag to take with you. You can throw your iPad, heels and purse in here and still have extra room.


2. Colorful Bike Seat ($12): Water resistant and durable enough to stand up to the longest commute, with this colorful seat cover you’ll love hopping on board your bike, rain or shine.


3. Twisted Handlebar Bike Vase ($35): Whether you’re commuting or going on a more leisurely ride, there is always time to stop and smell the roses. Especially when you can take a bloom or two along with you.


4. Crane Suzu Bell ($19): We’re still in love with all things copper, so why not continue the metallic trend with your bike accessories? Loud enough to be safe, this bell will get you noticed in all the right ways.


5. Martone Cycling Helmet ($115): In this case, red means go ahead and be as stylish as you want. There’ll be no distasteful helmet hair here.


6. Convertible Booty Pack ($132): The perfect bag for biking, this backpack converts into a pretty tote so your style game can stay as strong as your legs. The inside is completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about phones and cameras getting soaked if you encounter some drizzle.


7. Otto London Denim Bike Cape ($120): It doesn’t get much more stylish that this denim bike cape. It’s the perfect lightweight poncho for warmers days and can also be made waterproof using standard waterproof wax.


8. Topeak Phone Case ($41): We might not recommend taking selfies while you’re commuting, but if you need GPS or want to listen to some tunes while you cruise, you’ll love having a handy phone case that clips right onto your handlebars.


9. Natural Rope Lock ($65): Ugly bike locks bringing down the style factor of your bicycle? Protect your bike with some serious flair by wrapping it up with this cool, all-natural rope lock. Don’t worry, there’s a hidden steel cable to prevent thieving.


10. Smith Maze Helmet ($80): Clean, modern and totally girly, this magenta helmet can only make you smile.


11. S’well Bottle ($35): Not only is the design absolutely gorgeous, this water bottle is making the world a better place. For every bottle purchased, UNICEF will help provide clean drinking water for children in developing countries. And that’s pretty cool if you ask us.


12. Six Corner’s Wristlet ($40): Big enough to hold your essentials — cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.— but still cute enough to use as a wristlet when you get to your destination, this printed bag will be your new BFF.


13. Bicycle Cup Holder ($39): Have coffee, must travel? Get your java fix with a convenient cup holder that’ll make sure you get to work without spilling a drop.


14. Bird Bicycle Lock ($15): If you’re being a good hipster and riding your bike to work, you might as well put a bird on it too. Any one else notice that the keys are little leaves? Adorable.


15. Sahn Helmet ($129): You’ll never feel dorky when you’re wearing one of these sleek, matte helmets, which were inspired by equestrian helmets. Plus it comes in 11 stylish colors, so you can ensure your look doesn’t clash.


16. Logan Tote Bike Bag ($80): Versatile enough to take to work or the gym, this pretty bag has room for everything you might need. Perfectly sized for an iPad, the tote also boasts lots of pockets to keep everything organized on the go.


17. Wireless Speaker ($50): Waterproof and dust proof? You really will be singing in the rain with this tough little speaker. Capable of cranking out tunes for up to 16 hours, this speaker allows you to connect to any bluetooth device for a hands-free concert.


18. Net Cycling Tights ($50): You’ll look runway-ready and will be warm and protected with these stylish tights. They’re also great when you’re wearing a cute dress but don’t want to risk a gust of wind blowing by.


19. Bicycle Wine Rack ($45): Do we even need to point out why this is awesome? Romantic picnic outing, here we come.


20. Polaroid Cube Bike Mount ($18): Even if you’re not doing flips and going off jumps, sometimes you just need to capture the beauty of the everyday ride. Make sure you don’t miss a moment with this handy little camera mount.


21. Bike to Work Skirt ($98): Ever wish you could ride your bike to work and not have to haul around two changes of clothes? Well now you can with a stylish, fitted skirt that easily transitions from pedals to desk.


22. Saddle Bag ($67): Durable and waterproof, this tote bag will store all your valuables so you won’t lose anything along the way.


23. Reflective Belt ($36): Just because safety comes first doesn’t mean style has to come last. Cinch up one of these reflective belts around your coat and let your waist glow.


24. Rain Cape ($249): No one enjoys biking in the rain, but on those days rain is unavoidable, you’ll want to have one of these fab capes in your bag. Magnetic closures on the wrists keep water from sneaking in and ruining your OOTD and zippered pockets keep your phone and wallet high and dry too.


25. Geometric Bike Planter ($35): Show off your love for the planet and all things geometric by carrying a teeny tiny plant on your bike. Expect many ooohs and aaahs.

What stylish accessories are you and your bike wearing? Share any other must-haves with us in the comments below!