The TV gods are really conspiring in our favor lately. Full House is getting a reboot, Friends came on Netflix and Lady Gaga’s going to play a monster on American Horror Story. Amid all that nostalgia and awesomeness is Girl Meets World, a modern spin off of Boy Meets World that follows Cory and Topanga’s daughter as she navigates middle school. We watched some episodes (for you, for JOURNALISM) and the verdict is it’s a cute show for kids if a little hard to watch as an adult. Still, the saving grace of GMW for any grown person who has to watch it is the many cameos of your favorite characters from the original. The following is a guide to picking only the episodes on Netflix (second season streaming on that will amp up your nostalgia factor and have you screaming “FeeeHeeeNay!”

Season 1 Episode 16: We need to talk about the unspeakable loveliness that is grown-up Rider Strong. If you were a Sean fangirl back in the day (so tortured, so brooding) you will lose your mind when you see him in this episode. It’s the first season’s holiday episode and Sean comes to visit Cory with Cory’s parents (who you forgot had a baby at the end of BMW who is also now hot). Not only is Rider Strong like a fine scruffy wine that gets better with age, watching the rekindling of the Cory/Sean bromance is truly epic.

Season 2 Episode 1: If you’re thinking “hmm, I haven’t cried like an ugly goblin yet today” watch the last few minutes of this episode to check that one off the list. Cory sits down after a hard day and dials the phone. Who does he call for advice? MR. FREAKING FEENY. At 88-years-old William McDaniels is still killing it as our favorite mentor and it’s comforting to know that he can always dispense wise advice. He reappears in episode four of this season where Riley gives him a new and improved “Feeny Call.”

Season 2 Episode 5: Diehard BMW fans may remember an episode from season seven when the gang flashes forward in time to see themselves seven years in the future, a future in which they are no longer friends. In that future Cory’s brother Eric has gone off and become a hermit named Plays With Squirrels. Plays With Squirrels makes his triumphant return in season two of GMW and is every bit as hilarious as when we last saw him. It’s nice to know he finally found his niche… er..niece.

Season 2 Episode 8: We don’t know what kind of witchcraft or cold pressed stem cells Trina McGee is using but homegirl has not aged A SINGLE DAY since we last saw her as Angela in BMW. She comes back to ask Sean for some advice on her new married life. What they say about love and loss will make you misty eyed for days. Also she makes reference to Sean’s weird ghost dad which is the cameo I’m most personally invested in seeing.

What was your favorite Boy Meets World episode back in the day? Tell us in the comments!

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