When Beyoncé was given the nickname of “Queen Bey” we weren’t sure how seriously she’d take it. Sure those Marie Antoinette inspired getups announcing her tour were over the top in the best possible way. And sure Jay Z is often called the King of Hip Hop, making the Carter family the closest thing America has to royalty, with a devoted following to match. But even she couldn’t foresee just how far this trend would go and frankly it’s better than our wildest dreams.

We first noticed Carter Family Portraits last fall, when it earned a spot on our Brit List for portraying our generation’s royal renaissance family in the roles they were born to fill: starring front and center in paintings by some of the best artists in history.

The paintings are painstakingly edited to include the faces of Beyoncé, sister Solange, hubbie Jay Z and baby daughter Blue, in the roles of famous subjects like Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Mary and Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Besides putting the hip hop royalty into the medium where they probably fit best, this series is a great, and hilarious, way to educate yourself about some classic art. It’s only a side note that instead of classic renaissance figures, the portraits instead feature your favorite stars.

And while art is definitely subjective, these gorgeous, if Photoshopped, paintings are a definite improvement over paparazzi photos to fill our need for more Bey without being intrusive.

Of course, it can’t compete with Mrs. Carter’s personal Instagram. If it did, it might threaten her royal reputation. But as you can imagine, she’s a queen for a reason.

The couple might be plagued with divorce rumors right now, but at least we’ll always have these to remember the good ol’ days.

What do you think of these Carter Family Portraits? Hilarious, classy, both? Give us your best artistic analysis below!