Well hello there readers! Can you believe it’s already Friday? And that we’re officially in late September? Neither can we, especially because it means that our DIY conference Re:Make is just two weeks away! After you stock up on tickets for this awesome event of ours, get yer buns back here and read up on this week’s mishmash of silly finds.

1. The Carter Family Portrait Gallery: Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Baby Girl Blue are certainly our generation’s renaissance family, so why not paint them as such?

2. Mini Humidifier: How adorable is this mini humidifier? It’s powered by USB and the perfect thing for offices that pump a little too much dry AC.

3. Rainbow Pencils: Color lovers rejoice! These recycled pencils produce rainbows when sharpened. How neat is that?

4. Project Subway: We’ve mentioned this project before in our roundup on repurposed dresses, but we love this now recurring feature of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

5. Eggs Font: Leggo my… alphabet? This handmade font was created painstakingly over an actual frying pan with actual eggs. Pretty genius if you ask us.

6. Ostrich Pillow Junior: Love the ostrich pillow so much you want to get one for your little one? Now you can!!

7. Nicolas Cage Pillow Covers: Wow. Just. Wow. And this isn’t even a weird Etsy find – these (4 of them!) are on Amazon.

8. Koala Hug Cable: This sweet little darlin’ sticks up on your wall and holds cables, glasses, cords, and more.

9. People with Lana Del Rey Lips: There are so many single-serving blogs these days that it’s hard to keep track! We think RyGos is rocking Lana Del Rey’s smackers way better than K-Stew.

10. Ampersand Table: Beautiful, typographical, and handmade. We love it.

11. No Cyrus Chrome Plug-In: Lastly, who needs Miley Cyrus, her tongue, and all that crazy twerking? Take her right out of your browser results with this hilarious Chrome Plug-In.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Tell us in the comments below.