What’s the best way to get around this summer? Hint: It’s not a shamu-shaped submarine. Whether you love to ride your bike on the weekends at the beach or in the mountains, or commute on a daily basis, we’re all about serving up new an innovative ways to rock your ride. We’ve already shown you plenty of ways to decorate your bike, but what about making you a safer more efficient rider? Here are our 10 favorite innovations in cycling gear.

1. Helios Bars ($219): Ride safer with these handlebars that have a built-in LED headlight, blinkers, and can track your speed via the GPS on your smartphone.

2. Bike Repair App ($4): Like having a repair shop in your pocket, this app advises you on fixing everything from a flat tire to a crooked disk brake.

3. Siva Cycle Atom ($99): Use the motion of your bike to charge your smartphone while you ride. No more running down your battery on a long ride.

4. Reflective Gloves and Socks ($23): Decidedly low-tech, but just as effective, the reflectors on these gloves and socks shine brightly, and the arrows on the gloves can act as turn signals.

5. Strava Cycling App (Free): Track everything about every ride in this app. Save your favorite routes, your performance metrics, and challenge friends.

6. The Interlock ($39): Don’t worry about what to do with your bike lock while riding. This smart and secure cable coils up inside the frame of your bike when it’s not in use.

7. Plume Recoiling Mudguard ($35): Replace your bike’s standard mudguard with this one that rolls up like a snap bracelet when it’s not in use.

8. Wahoo Bike Pack ($130): Turn your iPhone into a fully fledged bike computer with this kit. It enables any ANT+ device (like your GPS or heart-rate monitor) to display on your iPhone.

9. Torch Helmet (concept): Soon to be available for pre-order, this helmet has a front and back light built right in. No more fiddling with lights that have to clamp, clip, or tie on.

10. Invisible Helmet ($515): Who could forget the video of the invisible helmet that inflates upon impact like an airbag. It’s no longer just a concept, you can now buy one.

What bike gadgets do you use on a daily basis? Any apps we should add to this list? Talk to us in the comments below!