With the new season of Arrested Development kicking off this weekend, we can’t help but think of Gob on his trusty segway cruising around town like the totally absurd magician that he is. And so, to conclude this fun Friday, here are 10 of the wackiest ways to get around.

Oh, and guess what the best part of this roundup is? All of these ridiculous items are available in one place: Hammacher Schlemmer! While some of these would be pretty fun to rent while on vacation, we’re extremely curious about the folks who actually buy any of these modes of transport for regular use.

1. Electric Skates ($700): We’ll start with small potatoes. Coming in at only $700 per pair, these motorized skates can propel a wearer up to 8 miles per hour! WHOA! You simply strap skates on over your shoes… and roll.

2. Motorized Monocycle ($13,000): This definitely looks like something from the future as it was conceived in the ’60s. Supposedly, the original design for this was conceived in 1869. The device is steered by leaning to one side or the other, and it can safely travel on pavement or grass. “Not a street-legal vehicle.”

3. Touring Quadracycle ($5,000): Families that bike together stay together, especially when they’re all on one bike… right? Admittedly, I have definitely rented one of these with friends while touring Governor’s Island in New York and it was awesome. The difference with this one is that it has two levels, with only the back level steering – perfect for families.

4. Pedal Pub ($40,000): Wait, what now? I think I’ve figured out what our next Brit + Co. offsite has to be. With 5 pedal seats per side, 10 folks can pedal their way around town while also drinking! We’re not sure about the legality of this but we’re definitely intrigued.

5. The Hot Tub Boat ($42,000): Remember when we wrote about the HotTug hot tub boat last year? Well, now it’s available in the states. Win! It’s a boat with a hot tub built right into the deck and includes a solid stereo.

6. Electric One Person Car ($36,000): First of all, this car is highway-legal! What?! And one charge gets you 30 miles! Wait, what highway can you cruise on for only 30 miles and still get yourself home?

7. Killer Whale Submarine ($100,000): Um.. so this exists. Let’s just go straight to the Hammacher description on this one: “This is the streamlined, two-person watercraft that breaches and submerges just like the Orcinus orca after which it is designed.” Just like it – of course!

8. Flying Hovercraft ($190,000): Speaking of strange things you might dream about, this hovercraft can over over land and water, and can even soar in the air up to 70 mph.

9. Folding Electric Mini-Farthing ($5,000): This little bugger holds the Guinness World Record for smallest folding electric bicycle in the world!

10. The Pedicab ($5,500): Waxing poetic over that romantic rickshaw ride from a recent trip to the subcontinent? This pedal-powered, two-passenger pedicab just might become your part time job, especially on nice days in Golden Gate Park.

Pop Quiz: When is the barbecue dining boat not appropriate as the bonus item of any roundup? ;)

What’s the strangest mode of transportation you’ve ever seen? Tell us in the comments below.