Did you know that May is National Bike Month? In case you needed another reason to trick out your bike, we’re all about celebrating much more than a month of goodness on two wheels. Here are 40 innovative, fun, and downright good-looking gadgets that’ll definitely rock your ride.

1. Bike Planter ($45): You’ve likely seen this floating around Pinterest, Etsy, and the like – it is definitely one of our favorite ways to add a little green to your bike.

2. Glow Series Bicycles ($399): Doing a lot of night riding? If you’re hitting up Burning Man this year, don’t be surprised if you see a whole brigade of these rave-ready bicycles.

3. Retrofitz ($50): Instead of forking over the cash to buy a new pair of bike shoes, turn an old pair of sneakers (or any flat shoe, for that matter) into a pair of bike shoes!

4. boomBottle ($150): Straight out of CES 2013, this portable speaker is weatherproof, rugged, and fits right in your water bottle holder! Just don’t forget to install a second bottle holder for your water :)

5. Wooden Handlebars ($140): Looking for an old school look? These might be a little too Portlandia for you, but the dream of the 1890s is definitely alive.

6. Striped Bicycle Bell ($20): How sweet is this little bell?

7. Statement Bicycle Rack ($190): One of our favorite picks from April’s batch of Kickstarter goodies, this bike rack doubles as wall art.

8. 6-Bottle Bike Bag ($55): Though we can’t recommend drinking and riding, this six-pack is great for heading to a potluck dinner or an evening in the park.

9. iPhone 5 Mount Kit ($70): If you’re going for a long ride and need to check in with your GPS or simply be able to answer the phone quickly without needing to reach in your pocket, this mount kit is for you.

10. Revolights ($217 and up): While these look like yet another LED party trick, they’re actually a great way to bike responsibly in the evening.

11. Default Commuter Bag ($240): This handy backpack is a totally tricked out commuter bag. It’s got tons of waterproof pockets for all of your devices, has a roll-up rain cover when the storm is really coming down, and is lightweight for some of those longer commutes.

12. Bike Trailer ($299): If you need to haul a whole bunch of things from your home to the office each day, a bike trailer is your best friend.

13. Sandwichbike ($1,050): The Sandwichbike is a bike that comes in pieces that you assemble yourself! Seems like a lot to pay for something that takes a lot of work, but we dig the whimsical aesthetic and simple design.

14. Foldable Helmet: If you need a helmet you can more easily throw in your bag, this is a great option. It doesn’t actually fold flat, but it condenses to about half the size of a normal helmet, with the same amount of protection.

15. Springtime (concept): Still in concept mode, the Springtime is a picnic basket, picnic table, and bike trunk. So cool.

16. Kotori Bicycle Lock ($32): We can’t say this is the most secure bike lock on the block, but it’s pretty darn cute.

17. Bedrock Handlebar Bag ($120): For a no fuss bag that can carry everything you need, the Bedrock is a solid option.

18. Chalktrail ($20): We’ve written about this before, and we’ll probably mention it again. Chalktrail is an attachment that hooks onto the back of your bike and creates, you guessed it, a trail using sidewalk chalk.

19. PostPump 2.0 Seatpost ($50): And now for something ridiculously useful. This seatpost contains a hidden bike pump right in the post!

20. ECOXPOWER Device Charger ($100): Okay, this might be our favorite gadget on the list. It’s a charger for your devices that is powered by you! As soon as you hit speeds above 3mph, the ECOXPOWER starts charging and storing power. Any device that can charge via USB is fair game.

21. LightSkin Seat Post ($69): If you want a sleeker set of bike lights, these LightSkins are light, bright, and seamlessly integrate into your bike.

22. Woodgrain Helmet ($70): Made from a single piece of wood, these helmets look good and keep your noggin protected.

23. Turn Signal Gloves: How cool are these?

24. Wine Rack ($30): Again, please don’t drink and ride… but if you need to carry a bottle to your friend’s engagement party, this rack is pretty perfect.

25. Mopha Tool Roll ($44): This little roll keeps all of your tools organized and on your bike at all times.

26. Road Popper ($39): Okay okay, there seems to be an accidental theme going with the whole road soda thing but, hey, ginger beer bottles need to be opened too!

27. Bike Spike: This gadget is basically an alarm system for your bike, that alerts you through your phone! Simply attach the receiver, sync up your phone, and you can track your bike at all times.

28. Rainbow Allen Key Set ($29): We had to get some rainbow action up in here, right?

29. Bushetrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer ($685): Going for an overnight adventure or two? Carry everything you need and catch a little bit of shuteye at the end of the day.

30. Bookman’s LED Bicycle Lights ($29): These teeny tiny lights are great for quick rides.

31. Bicycle Can Cage ($72): Seriously? We know. But it’s cool, right?

32. Ulock Holster ($15): Carrying a Ulock while biking is actually one of the more awkward parts of many folks’ daily commute.

33. Recycled Wool Picnic Rug + Straps ($77): This just makes us want to ride through Golden Gate Park and spend the day in the sun with a good book and a good friend or two.

34. Saddle Bag ($160): A saddle bag that kind of look like a clutch? Win.

35. The Original “Bike Shelf” ($299): Now this is a convertible bookshelf we can get into!

36. Handlebar Flower Vase ($12): A distant cousin of the planter that kicked off today’s roundup, this is almost too sweet.

37. Striped Fender Set ($12): For a little personality, add stripes to your wheels.

38. Grip Rings ($32): More stripes and colors? We’re in – maybe a Kate Spade edition is in the cards?

39. Peterboro Bike Basket ($42): The quintessential bike basket, this beaut is ready for farmer’s markets, fresh flowers, and your favorite French pastries.

40. Bicycle Mustache ($8): Last, why not turn your bike into a hipster? :)

What are the coolest and most innovative bike accessories you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments below.