In two weeks, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be releasing its most daring movie to date. Black Panther has been on the minds of comic book fans since the title character鈥檚 first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Since that little cameo, comic book fans have been excited about the prospect of the first standalone, Black lead superhero movie, but with the film鈥檚 premiere Monday night, fans have gone from excited to completely freaking out.

The movie, directed by Ryan Coogler of Fruitvale Station and the Oscar-nominated Creed (which also starred Black Panther鈥榮 baddie Michael B. Jordan), was already being touted as a huge leap for the positive representation of Black characters even before Monday鈥檚 premiere. While last year鈥檚 Wonder Woman聽confirmed representation by and for women as one of the most important parts of the film, Black Panther鈥檚 representation of Black folks (and especially Black women) is a game changer, too, and those who took in the movie last night can鈥檛 stop gushing about it.

Although we won鈥檛 get full reviews until next week, those in attendance at the premiere flooded Twitter with the most exciting reactions in recent memory. And it鈥檚 a huge deal, especially because this is a comic book movie, not your regular run-of-the-mill cinematic masterpiece.

Those who saw the movie are already calling for next year鈥檚 awards nominations.

And it looks as if the movie鈥檚 secondary characters (all women!) are the true stars of the film.

By these reactions, it鈥檚 as if Black Panther has done what was thought impossible, proving that you can do a movie that literally has it all. Positive representation, action, emotion, amazing fights, cool costumes, terrifying villains, and more. And it鈥檚 those pieces, all intertwining, that have people so hyped for Black Panther.

Black Panther comes out February 16.

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(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)