Every lifestyle guru has their thing. Gwyn has clean eating cornered, Lauren Conrad impresses with her most-enviable beauty tips, Brit brings her tech know-how to the DIY world and now Blake — she goes crazy for cupcakes. So when the Preserve editor isn’t busy with her brand-new startup life, she suggests you can most likely find her in the kitchen — hers is dubbed “the Blakery” by husb Ryan Reynolds — whipping up a batch. That’s where Vogue caught her in action for its latest rapid-fire Q+A video.

Dolled up in a Roland Mouret color blocked dress and with an icing bag in hand, the August cover girl busted through 73 questions in about six minutes, revealing her faves on off-the-cuff topics that ranged from divulging her fantasy location for a flash mob (“In a pool — synchronized swimming”) to THE best Halloween costume (“One that you make with your two hands” — that-a girl!). Most answers began with a pause and an “Ummm…” but when Q-ed if she likes cupcakes, Blake quickly replied “YAS!” And that’s when her DIY mode kicked in.

Watch the short but revealing vid to see Blake frost the freshly baked cupcakes with more crimped peaks than you can lick off in one go, a challenge Blake would probably accept herself. When asked what her favorite condiment is, Blake replied, “Mayonnaise… unless icing counts as a condiment!” Wow — you, too?

Did you know Blake had a secret skill as a cupcake maven? Are you dying for her full-fledged frosting tutorial? Tell us what homemade treat you’d try from Blake in the comments below.