If you still love the ladies of Laguna Beach, then you probably know that Instagram was all a-buzz this weekend with snaps from Lauren Conrad‘s bachelorette. Our favorite Laguna alum (and a super crafty one, at that!) took to Cabo with her besties in what looks like the perfect girls’ weekend to celebrate her last few months as a bachelorette. Aside from being imaginary besties with LC, we totally adore her sense of style.

Here are 8 bachelorette ideas straight from her beachy bash.

1. Get Custom Temporary Tattoos: We love these hilarious temporary tattoos donned by all the ladies at this bachelorette. To create your own similar set, we recommend hitting up StrayTats. And if you’re just looking for matching tattoos that are out of the ordinary, check out Tattly or head to EARinkFun, which is where LC got these made!

2. Stock Up On Sunnies: If you’re heading to the beach, you should probably bring at least two pairs of sunnies… and the cheap ones are probably best. The ocean might take one of your faves ;)

3. Rock a Giant Bow: The giant bow is totally the new veil, and it manages to be way cuter and less cheesy. May we also recommend braiding your hair into an awesome bow bun?

4. Drink Plenty of Cocktails in Mason Jars: Lauren Conrad is no stranger to the mason jar, and this Malibu spiced cocktail looks like just what we need. Check out some of our favorite summer cocktails right here.

5. Keep It Silly and Classy: We wish we could see the front of this foxy top! Love how LC is showing just the right amount of skin to keep things classy, and there’s that bow again!

6. Make Diamond Ring Sugar Cookies: How cute are these cookies? We found a similar design on Bake at 350 — all you have to do is change up the frosting and flex your icing writing skills.

7. Decorate with Fringe Garlands: You know we love a colorful tassel garland around these parts. So we’re loving this shot of a tissue paper garland above a beautiful landscape. This Beach Day Tassel Garland by Studio Mucci would be the perfect thing to bring to your bachelorette.

8. Protect Yourself with Stylish Sun Hats: And finally, if you’re hitting a sunny spot make sure to bring a sun hat… and your best friends ;)

(images via Instagram @laurenconrad + @lobosworth)

What are your go-to bachelorette tips and tricks? Talk to us in the comments below.