While we’re used to seeing Blake Lively in the spotlight on the big and small screen, the red carpet and even as a now three-time cover girl on Vogue, the actress is surprisingly not the star of her brand-new lifestyle website, Preserve that just launched today. And while we were definitely looking forward to the potential “10 Ways to Get My Bombshell Bouncy Hair” tutorials from an all-about-Blake url, we’re even more excited about who’s cast in the site’s leading role: makers.

Anchored in everything artisanal and dripping in sepia tone, preserve.us is a dreamy destination that champions the stories behind the handmade statement pieces we swoon over. In Blake’s hyper-curated world, in which she acts as the brand’s EIC, those tales are told as intimate essays, editorials and videos. And everything is completely shoppable. “There’s so much life teeming in every pocket of this country. There are people creating magic with their bare hands. Creating things that land at the amazing intersection between art and function,” Blake writes in her debut Letter from the Editor. And later, “We may romanticize it, calling it treasure. What we’re really saying is, we see worth on every level.”

The bespoke gold Blake gushes about permeates every moment of our day-to-day lives, from what we taste and wear to the places we visit and the projects we DIY. The Preserve mindset is more than being mindful about the soap you lather up with or the salt you season your meal with. Blake wants to make it more intimate — leaps and bounds more than double tapping your favorite maker’s photo feed. Preserve aims to facilitate that connection.

So it makes sense then that everything on the site is so intertwined, and we’re willing to bet (and Blake is sure hoping) that the same passion that fueled the maker’s fire will also fuel yours to own it. The limited selection of up-for-grabs goods start at the totally attainable, including $88 rose gold hoop earrings forged by a featured artisan and $7 curry ketchup from “The Great Gathering,” a piece about lip-smacking summertime grub to the aspirational, like the $62 bandana featured in a boho fashion spread or a $400 crystal bowl. But don’t write Blake’s brand off as goop-meets-Free People just yet, there is major value in the snapshots Preserve provides of the makers big and small across the USA. Welcome to the movement, Blake!

Have you visited Preserve yet? What are your initial thoughts? What do you like most about the site? Tell us in the comments below.