Cooking after work is HARD. You’re tired. You’re hungry. And it’s just so easy to swing by your favorite Thai place and grab a to-go container of pad see ew on the way home. But come on. Your bod deserves better. With these 15 soup recipes. You can give yourself a good homemade meal every evening. Just dust off that blender, chop those veggies and hit liquify. Soup’s on and you’ll be slurping up the goods momentarily with these 15 super smooth recipes.

1. Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Soup: In only 17 minutes you can have dinner prepared and only have two dishes to clean afterwards. Booyah! (via Sarcastic Cooking)

2. Thai Pumpkin Soup: The color of this soup is fabulous. And a bowlful of it is only packing 110 calories. Double score! (via Nutritionist in the Kitchen)

3. Velvety Spinach Soup: Forget your green smoothie — it’s green soup time! You’re going to get a hearty serving of vegetables in just one cup. (via Blendtec)

4. Yellow Tomato Soup: We are all used to the classic red tomato soup. Keep your dining companions guessing by using yellow tomatoes instead. (via Niner Online)

5. Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup: The cucumber in this soup is going to give it a refreshing taste, while the avocado creates a creamy texture. (via Food52)

6. Butternut Bisque: Eat this soup as an appetizer or serve it as the main dish. Can’t finish every last drop? Toss it in the freezer and save it for another occasion. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Hearty Vegetable Chowder: When grilling season rolls around, you can spice up this recipe. Just add grilled instead of frozen corn. (via Blendtec)

8. Curried Carrot Coconut Soup: This soup is to die for… and what a way to go. (via Season with Spice)

9. Classic Tomato Soup: You know what you should do if you make this classic tomato soup? You should totally eat it with grown-up grilled cheese. (via NY Times)

10. Smoky Lentil Soup: Toss a little sausage or shrimp in with this soup, and what you have is a full on hearty meal. (via Williams Sonoma)

11. Raw Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup: Because this soup is raw, you’re not losing any of the valuable nutrients through cooking. (via Green Thickies)

12. Vegetarian Tortilla Soup: Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. Whip this up for the fiesta. (via Thrifty Veggie Mama)

13. Broccoli Cheddar Soup: Vegetables are always better when you add cheese. Don’t deny it. (via Food Network)

14. Cream of Asparagus Soup: April is peak season for fresh asparagus. You better head to the market now because after everyone reads this recipe they are going to be swooping up every last spear. (via All Recipes)

15. Ginger Butternut Squash Soup: Five ingredients, 30 minutes, 110 calories. It all adds up to success. (via Brit + Co.)

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