There’s nothing to love more than a simple, inexpensive life hack to help make things easier, whether it’s related to beauty or IKEA or anything in between. Here’s one that’s so simple it’ll make you chuckle: A study from the Stanford University Medical Center has solved, once and for all, how to get rid of pesky blisters.


Published recently in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, the study looked at 128 hardcore marathon runners, whose most common complaint was blisters. (The same goes for high heel lovers, military recruits and more — blisters are seriously annoying!) Simple surgical tape was applied in a single layer to blister-prone areas on one of each runner’s feet, and the other foot was left untouched as a control for the experiment. Ouch to that second foot!

The results were shocking — 98 of the 128 runners did not get blisters where the tape was applied. Crazy-simple, but true: The cheap, mildly adhesive drugstore surgical tape kept those bad boys from ever forming. Go ahead and laugh, it’s hilarious — those behind the study said that almost 40 years of research has been done without answers, until now! #smh, big time.

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