You know that Swedish store we all love and adore… the one that’s known for its meatballs and furniture opportunity? The answer is four little letters: IKEA! Their modern styles are so popular and affordable that they’re found in many homes (and apartments) from coast to coast. Sometimes, you come across a piece that is so unique, that when you ask where it came from, you’re shocked to hear “IKEA!”. That’s probably because it’s an amazing IKEA hack. And they’re a slight obsession for everyone, which is why we’ve rounded up 22 ways to give your IKEA bookshelf a brand new life.

1. Dipped Svalbo: Okay, stop swooning over the peachy coral color of this hack and take a look at the whole piece itself for a minute. Originally a sideboard, this is just the right size for the entry table that houses your keys and purse. (via The Sweet Beast)

2. DIY Bar Cart: It rolls! That’s right. An Expedit and some casters produce a very chic little cart for all your bartender needs. Drinks, anyone? (via Sugar and Cloth)

3. Artful Expedit: This hack is the perfect way to clean up the look of your Expedit or the newer Kallax. Create these turquoise swinging doors with just a couple of hooks and painted canvases. (via Dans le Lakehouse)

4. Mid-Century Modern Sideboard: When you can add wood to an existing IKEA bookshelf, it’s hard to resist. Oh, and the mid-century feel of this hack is basically genius. (via IKEA Hackers)

5. The Gold Shelf: Gold spray paint on IKEA furniture is so genius, we wish we’d thought of it first! (via Glitter and The Girls)

6. Train Table: An IKEA hack for kids? You know it! This train table is primed for imagination and storage, making it the perfect addition to your play room. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. DIY Copper Shelves: This hack uses simple Lack shelves and copper contact paper for a shiny modern DIY. So chic! (via Livet Hemma)

8. Plant Pot Shelves: These shelves are the perfect place to display your potted herbs in the kitchen. Don’t those bright green and yellows complement each other so well? (via Homes MSN)

9. DIY Dollhouse: Who knew that a dollhouse could be so easy? Just a simple Expedit or Kallax + some colorful wallpaper = a platform for some serious playtime. (via Zo Wie So)

10. Mid Century Modern Cabinet: Yes, believe it or not, this pretty cabinet is from IKEA. Two Besta shelves never looked so good. (via Petite Apartment)

11. Laundry Folding Area: A special area for folding laundry is a luxury, but if you have the space for it, this clean white IKEA hack makes the perfect place for it, plus some organized storage. (via Six 2 Eleven)

12. Banquet Seat: We probably all dream about a grand dining room at some point in our lives, and this hack can help those dreams come true. While we’re seriously diggin’ these stripes, the color and fabric is up to you (and your dining room table). (via Melodrama)

13. Closet Island: While those statement necklaces deserve to be displayed, we all have some girly things that aren’t so pretty. A closet island is the perfect place for storage and display, so you can organize it all just how you like it. (via XO, Jordan)

14. Open Kitchen Pantry: With a couple customized Besta shelves and some paint, you could have this gorgeous open pantry in your kitchen, too! Better start stocking up on some glass jars. (via Remodelista)

15. DJ Table: For the retro host, the Besta shelves in this hack make the perfect DJ center. Just look at all those records! (via Unhyped)

16. Expedit Platform Bed: If you prefer to stay organized, here is a way to keep even the most random things under your bed in place. And it looks awesome, too. (via Vanilla Joy)

17. DIY Color: Contact paper is an easy and temporary upgrade for your IKEA pieces, and this awesome company just made it easier. Panyl cuts your chosen color or pattern to fit your shelves and drawers! Isn’t that just the amazing? (via Flax and Twine)

18. Yellow Etageres: Yellow is the color of sunshine, and we think that painting your Etageres shelves with it is a brilliant idea. Pun intended. (via BHG)

19. DIY Sidetable: This side table hack is so simple and leaves plenty of room for your own colorful styling. (via Sugar and Cloth)

20. Kiddie Storage: Bright adorable toy storage is a must for kids and the Fjalkinge shelf helps you do just that! Oh, and you get to stain wood in this hack. Get excited! (via 100 Layer Cake-let)

21. Kiddie Closet Storage: Why do babies end up with more clothes than us adults? Sometimes it’s not fair. But, you can add more storage for all those clothes by dividing it down the middle with an Expedit. At least they’re cute, right? (via Project Nursery)

22. Succulent Garden in a Cart: So maybe this isn’t exactly a hack for shelves but there are several shelves on this cart, right? And we kinda can’t resist anything that involves the Raskog cart. It even makes the perfect home for succulents! (via Succulents and Sunshine)

What is your favorite IKEA hack? Have you invented one on your own? We’d love to hear about it!