Are you in a root rut?! You forgot to make an appointment with your stylist and you’ve got a hot date, your best friend’s wedding or a ’90s dance party to attend in just a couple days! With just one product and four simple steps, we’ll take you from cloudy with a chance of rain to straight up sunny in a matter of minutes.

If you color your hair, then you know the rut we’re talking about. Once your hair has outgrown your latest dye job, those soft natural roots tend to be unmanageable, unflattering and flat out oily. Luckily, the hair innovators of the world have the same problems you do and a couple clever solutions.

1. Salon in a Bottle ($24): This is a tinted color powder touch-up spray for your roots. It’s available in various shades — for Lisa, we used blonde. (Her natural shade… ahem.)

2. Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder ($39): This multi-purpose spray creates instant fullness, enhances color, and helps blend your roots. You can also use this as a dry shampoo! For Lisa, we used the powder made for Golden, Honey and Caramel Shades.

Combine either of these with the steps below, and you’ll be out of that root rut in no time.

1. Spray small sections of Salon in a Bottle all over your hair until you have touched up all of your roots.

2. Use your fingers to blend the product. Really get in there with them! You can also use a bristle brush to comb through, in case you have any unblended lines.

3. Back comb your roots for an extra lift that will further disguise any unwanted root reveals. Do this all over your head — but be careful that you don’t end up going too crazy with that pomp.

4. Finally, smooth down your hair. Give it a spritz of hair spray, and you’re ready to go!

Ahhh! Now, doesn’t that feel better? ;)

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