Labor Day is on the brain here at Brit + Co. For some it represents the end of summer, back to school, a last trip to the lake. For us, it means all the more reason to get creative in the kitchen, in the craft room, and at the campfire. Here are 20 inspiring ideas, projects, and recipes for the perfect long summer weekend.

 Can’t have a proper vacation weekend without a few delicious cocktails. Here are 4 of our favorite creations from this summer.

1. The Watermelon Drink Dispenser: Turn those last summer watermelons into drink dispensers with help from a basic spigot kit. So fun!

2. Lime Tequila Jello Shots: We whipped these up for Cinco de Mayo but they’re a great go-to anytime it’s hot out.

3. Kombucha Punch: If you’ve got a long weekend of party time ahead of you, let us do you a favor and suggest Kombucha Punch, the ultimate hair of the dog cocktail. You’re welcome.

4. Creative Ice Cubes: Not a cocktail but a cocktail accoutrement, these ice cubes are great to keep in the freezer if you’re hosting Labor Day festivities. They’re a quick and easy way to give any drink that certain je ne sais quoi.

 When you’re heading out for the weekend, there are lots of fun tools for eating and drinking that can make the great outdoors even greater.

5. Quirky Bottle Openers: Score some quirk points with one of these fun bottle openers. Yes, one comes in the form of a bikini.

6. The Perfect Grill: Whether you’re a city dweller or a suburbanite, we’ve got the perfect grill for you. Best of all, most of these are available on Amazon if you need to make a quick last-minute purchase.

7. Grilling Gadgets: If you’ve already got the grill and the title of grill-master, take your ‘cue to the next level with any of these must-have grilling gadgets. Our personal fave is obvs the s’more maker!

8. Wine Six-Pack: That cardboard box or tote bag just isn’t doing the trick anymore. You need the ZeBag!

 We’re all about packing light but keeping it chic.

9. Extend Your Manicure: Pack an extra bottle of nail polish when you head out for the weekend so you can quickly turn chipped nails into a cute moon-style manicure.

10. A Maxi is All You Need: Check out our 10 ways to style a maxi and be the champion of packing light. See also: How to Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Beach Wrap.

11. Trick Out Your Flip Flops: If you want your plain old flip flops to stand out a little more, trick ’em out! We used lace, studs, yarn, and fringe to get 10 totally unique looks.

12. Get Inked, Temporarily: Show a little decorated skin with one of these 10 temporary tattoos.

 It’s important to unplug from constant communication over the weekend, but a few gadgets here and there can be fun.

13. Catch Up On Reading: We’ve started using Readlists for bundling our favorite articles into e-book form for Kindle, iPad or iPhone. We recommend a big glass of lemonade and a sunny porch.

14. Jambox To Go: While we love the sounds of nature, sometimes you’ve gotta pump up the jams. Add a carrying strap to your big Jambox and rock out all weekend.

15. Fuji Instax: Analog is back. This instant camera delivers gorgeous pictures in a snap!

16. Floating LED Speakers: Got a pool party in the cards for this weekend? These speakers are a must. (Fair Warning: reviews are spotty.)

 If you’re planning to spend the weekend at home catching up on all those projects you’ve been meaning to get to, we commend you! Here are a few that we recommend.

17. Inside Out Painted Jars: If you’re a budding DIYer, this is the perfect place to start. You can never have too many decorated mason jars. Stay tuned for our take on repurposed beer bottles later this week.

18. Real Life Pinterest Board: Get some of that analog inspiration up on the walls with our easy-to-make clipboard pinboard.

19. Custom Colored Cushions: Looking for an inexpensive decor change-up? Try painting custom designs on a cheap set of cushions for an easy way to spice up your dining table.

20. Get Some Rest: Finally, get some rest! The best thing about a long weekend is sleeping in not once, not twice, but three times! If your brain can’t stop racing, try a natural sleeping aid.

Bonus:The Barbecue Dining Boat: Ok, we’re not actually suggesting you buy this but… isn’t it kind of amazing?

What projects, recipes, and other fun stuff are you hoping to get into this weekend? Let us know in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.