We’re all about making, creating and DIYing beautiful things around here — but once in a while, we like to put ourselves in someone else’s trusted hands. And that time often happens to be glam time. (Not ALL of us are gifted in the hair and makeup magic department, tbqh…) Our collective wishes for a stylist at our fingertips are on their way to being answered with new app Glamsquad that we hope is just the tip of the on-demand glam iceberg.

Glamsquad’s main mission is to bring the best blowout to you. Open the iPhone app or their website, book an appointment at least 60 minutes before your desired time and one of Glamsquad’s trusted stylists, who the company confirms has been background checked (we’re assuming in the blowout sense and beyond,) will show up with the necessary tools to achieve hair heaven at-home, at your hotel or at the office.

Their suggestion is: “wet hair, in the chair,” or to be showered and ready for your blowout when your stylist gets there — a situation obviously best for getting dolled up at home or at a hotel where you can suds up and dry off without HR having to give you “The Talk.” Although if you’re summoning Glamsquad to your office, they will do dry styling too.

Similar to drybar’s menu of hairstyles, Glamsquad lets you scroll through their lookbook to pick the ‘do for you. Each photo says how long the style will take and how much each costs. Choose from a variety of gorgeous blowouts for $50 that take around 45 minutes, braids that ring in at $75 and take about an hour, onto updos that range in price from $85-125. The pricing is competitive (maybe $5-10 more) than most blowout bars and ultimately less expensive than similar beauty apps and services, like Vensette.

If you suffer from Small Apartment Syndrome or you don’t have time to jump in the shower before an event, it might make more sense to head to the salon, but the Glamsquad will be there when you need it. Happy to accommodate groups, the service would be a blessing for bridal parties, making it simple to choose styles and confirm coiff continuity for those all important Pinterest-y photo opps. And for day-to-day, we could see Glamsquad’s happiest customers being busy moms who could cross “going to the salon” off their lists with standing appointments in the AM or one-offs for evening events.

Here’s hoping Glamsquad eventually expands to include other services, like nails and makeup, and other cities. Sigh, that’s correct. The app is only available in New York City right now — yes, we’re heartbroken too. But the founder tells us they have their eyes on other cities, so stay tuned. We’re happy to welcome Glamsquad to the West Coast anytime!

If you’ve ever used Glamsquad or a similar service, share in the comments below! And sound off: would you rather go to the salon or have the salon come to you?