Caffeination nation, listen up: Coffee is having a moment. Coffee art, dreamy coffee desserts — they’re all there for you to get your java on. There’s one more way to make sure that you never run out of supplies for rainy Saturdays and frazzled Mondays alike, thanks to Blue Bottle Coffee’s newest subscription service.

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The Oakland-based company, named after Central Europe’s first coffeehouse, had one mission in mind when they started over 10 years ago: Keep the coffee fresh. Without fail, their coffee is delivered or served to you in under 48 hours from roasting, which is pretty incredible.

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For a subscription, choose from a half bag (1-2 drinkers for about a week) all the way up to a triple-bag set (for offices or the seriously caffeinated), which you can get delivered anywhere from every week to once a month. You can then choose your type: espresso, blend or single origin from Latin America, East Africa or the Pacific Islands. The specific coffee blend you get rotates each week, depending on whatever is freshest. The price for subscription starts at $7 for a half bag that’s delivered once a week.

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Don’t forget to check out their handy guide to milk art for all you aspiring baristas, and if you’re in the New York, Los Angeles or Oakland area, pop into your neighborhood Blue Bottle for demonstrations, classes and tastings.

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(Photos via @bluebottle )