If your home decor in 2015 felt a little bit blah (or you just moved into your first apartment), a design resolution for 2016 is definitely in order. Instead of diving into a full home makeover, make sure you follow the 12-step program of a DIY home update and then commit to a few bold decorating moves. You don’t want to bite off more than you (or your budget) can chew, and these 13 projects will definitely get you out of your decorating comfort zone… but in a totally fun and regret-free way.


1. Ditch the Neutral Cabinets: While neutrals might always be king of the kitchen, why play it safe when you can have a bright green or blue kitchen that *really* packs a punch? If you can’t paint your whole kitchen, try bringing in a temporary island or bar cart from IKEA and paint that your chosen shade instead. (via Style Me Pretty)


2. Paint the Ceiling: Whether you go for a serious statement like stripes or try something more subtle (like a few shades lighter or darker than your walls), painting your ceiling will have a huge effect. Darker ceilings will make a space feel more cozy, while a light color will make the room feel larger. (via Disc Interiors)


3. Play With Pattern: Combine different patterns to add depth and interest. If you’re not sure where to start, go with a simple color palette so the prints don’t overwhelm each other. (via Domino)


4. Bring on the Neon: A bold move doesn’t have to be a major change. Doing something as simple as painting your shelves, the shelf backs or just the edges can make a huge impact in the room with minimal effort. (via Inside Out)


5. Wallpaper With Abandon: Wallpaper is coming up roses, and not those pale pink roses your grandma has in her bathroom. Thanks to bright and modern patterns and colors, wallpaper is definitely cool again. (via Lonny)


6. DIY Sliding Door: Sliding doors can really save you some space in a small apartment, and they make a swanky statement. They’re pretty easy to DIY, and you can decorate them in all kinds of bright colors + patterns. (via A Beautiful Mess)


7. Mismatched Dining Room Chairs: Matching dining room sets are so last year. Switch things up with different styles, reupholster the ones you have in bright new colors or just use an old decorator trick and add extra oomph to your chairs with a faux fur throw over the backs. (via House Tweaking)


8. A Bold Accent Wall: Sure, you can paint a colorful accent wall, but a graphic print adds a unique look to the room. Removable wallpaper or washi tape patterns are also a great fallback option if you’re renting and can’t paint. (via A Beautiful Mess)


9. Use Toys as Decor: Will childlike wonders never cease? We sure hope not. Instead of taking your kid’s (or your own) old toys down to the local thrift store, work them into your decor for a touch of playfulness. Turn animals into bookends or spray paint them bright, neon colors and add them to your coffee table vignette. (via Domino)


10. Plum + Bow Annette Sofa ($798): If you’re in the market for a new statement piece, stop playing it safe and go for the bold couch this time. If you’ve inherited a chair that doesn’t quite fit with your new, bright decor, reupholster the cushions with colorful fabric.


11. Embrace the Dark Side: Go crazy at the paint store and pick up that glossy dark green you’ve been craving. The moody hue will add sophistication to any space. Just add bright white furniture, metallics and a strong piece of statement lighting for contrast, to make sure the room doesn’t turn into a cave. (via A Beautiful Mess)


12. Unexpected Wall Art DIY: You’ve nailed the gallery wall, but maybe a few of your other walls are feeling a little flat? Bring in 3D “wow” factor with a wall weaving, yarn art or even a huge pom pom hanging. The more texture, the merrier. (via Domino)


13. Play With Mixed Prints: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and create a visual feast. Tribal with modern? Boho and Scandi? Anything goes when you stick to one color palette. (via Maven Collection)

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