Plain ol’ white walls? No, thank you. Unfortunately, balancing a hectic schedule with the effort and time that goes into painting usually keeps those walls pretty blank, regardless of colorful and stylish Pinterest ambitions. No longer is that the case: Introducing this lovely collection of wallpapers, wall decals and wall art guaranteed to brighten up your walls, sans painting.


1. Solid Bar Wall Decal ($50): Make a statement on a smaller wall in your entryway or bedroom with this easy-to-use decal.


2. Geometric Sun Print ($35): Minimalist, geometric and colorful — there’s not much more to ask for. This print will brighten any wall it hangs on, promise.


3. Greenleaf Removable Wallpaper ($35): This is certainly not your grandmother’s wall paper. The dark green hue and wild vibe of this pattern truly bring an impactful design that will enhance any room.


4. HELLO – Large Die Cut Wall Decal ($50): Greet the new year with this welcoming message for any guests who grace your space. Whether or not this (or something like it) is already your attitude toward new opportunities, 2016 will be sure to open doors to a world of new conversations.


5. Besos Print ($20): Kisses, darling, kisses. This print features gold metallic ink screen printed on black card stock. Chic, chic, chic.

dots decal

6. Confetti Dot Decal ($50): From a nursery to a monochrome room that needs just a subtle pop of color, this confetti decal is just what you need.

double chev

7. Double Chevron Decal ($28): Chevron, chevron everywhere! This decal takes the pattern of the year and puts it in wall art form. Yas!


8. Work like a Captain, Play like a Pirate Print ($25): If you’ve got a nautical theme going on, this print is the perfect addition to keep any #girlboss motivated from January all the way to December. If red doesn’t jibe with your color scheme, it also comes in black, gray and two shades of blue.


9. Plaid Removable Wallpaper ($35): Jazz up any workspace, kitchen or breakfast nook with this adorable plaid wallpaper, which also comes in purple or gray. Research suggests that the color blue can increase productivity and may even help suppress an appetite, which makes it perfect for those NYE resolutions. That said, blue M&Ms are totally fair game.

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