You know we’re fans of new ways to hack and customize your gadgets here at Brit HQ. From speakers to bikes and everything in between (including our 15 favorite custom shops), we always want to put our own stamp on our goods. And now there’s another way to personalize your tech thanks to Bose’s new custom headphones.

Bose Custom Purple and White

There’s no question that Bose QuiteComfort are the gold standard for noise-canceling headphones. They reduce outside sounds in several ways—most notably by using microphones both inside and outside of the ear cups. The mics pick up the noise around you and reduce those sounds, meaning you can focus on your music. Plus, they run for up to 35 hours on standard AAA batteries. (Just don’t forget to shut them off when you put them back in the case.) But since they are so popular, you run the risk of confusing your headphones with your boyfriend’s or roommate’s, or just matching the guy next to you on the airplane. Thankfully, those worries are a thing of the past. Look at just how colorful you can get with your headphones!

Bose MultiColor Headphones

If you don’t want something quite so…bold, it’s easy to personalize exactly what you do want. There are eight different components you can change on the headphones—the brackets, spacers, inner headbands, outer headbands, pivots, ear cups, domes, and rings. We’d recommend starting with a base color, and using that for the ear cups and the inner and outer headbands. Next, add one or two accent colors for the rest of the elements. Take a look below to see where each of those pieces are on the headphones:

Bose Custom Design Tool

With 46 different colors for each of those eight components to choose from—most of which are available in either solid or pearl finishes—there are virtually endless color combinations. (Bonus points to anyone who can do the math and tell us just how many color combos exist.) You’re pretty much guaranteed you won’t run into an identical pair…ever. Unless, of course, you plan it that way—matching best friend headphones anyone?

Bose Custom Yellow and Blue Headphones

And the paint job is high quality—as we would expect from Bose. They use automotive grade paint (that’s been environmentally tested), so it won’t flake or scratch off. If for some reason you’re not into brightly colored tech, you can also opt for a clean, all-white version. Although, we’d probably add at least one pop of color on the rings or the brackets.

Bose All White Headphones

So now the only drawback of these headphones—the price. You’ll definitely be spending more if you choose to go with the Bose custom model. They’ll set you back $400—a full $100 more than the standard grey and black versions. But we think it’s worth it. Not only will you be able to sleep on that red-eye flight (even if there’s a screaming child), but you’ll have a pair of headphones that are all your own.

What color combo would you try out? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!