Guys, Valentine’s Day is going to be here in less than two weeks! If you’re a single lady, don’t feel like you have to crawl under the covers to avoid everything pink, red and heart shaped. You might not have a special someone at the moment, but we know you have a whole lot of special gal pals. So for the holiday that’s meant to celebrate your loved ones, why not use the occasion to put together a fun bouquet for your bestie? And if you’re going to craft a bouquet, you ought to do it right. Pick up all the florist fundamentals with our fun class floral arrangement e-class.


In the 25-minute e-class, Christina Stembel and Rhiannon Smith of Farmgirl Flowers will show you how to source, prep, and arrange swoon-worthy floral bouquets and centerpieces. You’ll learn the basics of floral design, a few technical tricks and even pick up on some color, symmetry, composition and design principles.


Before you get snipping, it’s always best to source some inspiration. So whether you’re looking to create a classic botanical bouquet for your BFF or something a little more unconventional, here are 13 Gal-entines bouquets your favorite lady is going to love.

Classic Bouquets


1. XO Letters: Ditch the classic bouquet shape and instead stick flowers into metal letters for this uber-festive display. (via Honestly Yum)


2. Simply Chic: Keep things sweet and simple by opting to use just one type of flower and wrapping the buds together in black cardstock. For an extra personal touch, write a friend’s name in gold sharpie. (via The Flair Exchange)


3. Flower Arranging 101 Kit ($30): Make your arrangement look extra professional and purchase this kit with your e-class that comes with all the fixings needed to become an amateur florist. Now all you’ll need are some peonies and maybe even a branch of kumquats to replicate this bouquet.


4. Pretty in Glass: Keep things travel-friendly by offering up mini arrangements in a small glass vase like a milk jug or mason jar. Fill up the container with two flowers whose colors complement each other. (via Style Me Pretty)


5. Wildflower Wonder: Sometimes a random blend of different flowers can look totally awesome together. Forget the rules and pick a wild assortment of buds that catch your eye. (via Style Me Pretty and Rebecca Yale)

For the Foodie


6. Cupcake Bouquet: Blow your buddy’s mind with this edible V-Day treat that’s actually a lot easier to make than it looks. (via Midwest Living)


7. Bacon Roses: Okay, so this is a bouquet that’s made of wrapped bacon. Need we say more? (via Pop Sugar)


8. Strawberry Roses: Who needs to order a pricey edible arrangement when you can do it yourself? (via One Little Project)


9. Marshmallow Madness: Because c’mon, you can’t really go wrong with an adorable pink and white bouquet full of fluffy marshmallow goodness. (via Mommy Gaga)


10. Tootsie Pop: These candy pop flowers are just begging to be accompanied by a tag that reads, “I’m a sucker for you.” (Creative Me Inspired You)

Crafty Bouquets


11. Pom-Pom Bouquet: Let’s be honest guys, does it really get better than pom-pom flowers? This unique take on a classic floral bouquet is just as adorable as a living arrangement, but comes without an expiration date. (via Camille Styles)


12. Crepe Paper Flower: Make a huge impression with a massive paper flower. Try your hand at the art of paper flower making with this rose of epic proportions. (via Studio DIY)

buquê de corações de feltro scrapbi (3)

13. Bundle of Love: Tell your gals you heart them with a literal bouquet of hearts. All you need for this arrangement is red felt and some hand stitching skills. (via Scrapbi)

Which bouquet idea is your favorite? Tell us what you’re getting yourbestie for Valentine’s Day in the comments below.