Stylist to the stars and Fashion Police co-host Brad Goreski recently co-hosted Brit + Co鈥檚 fourth annual conference Re:Make in San Francisco, where he live-styled attendees on stage, decking 鈥檈m out to the nines. When it comes to fashion, Brad is a guru 鈥 and since he鈥檚 styling A-listers for the red carpet (鈥淲here all good things happen,鈥 says Brad), that鈥檚 key.

Ever since the world first met Brad as Rachel Zoe鈥檚 assistant and prodigy on Bravo鈥檚 The Rachel Zoe Project, Brad has been unstoppable. He鈥檚 dressed everyone from Jessica Alba to Minka Kelly. And his fave thing about working with clients is 鈥渨hen I open up the door to my styling studio, they鈥檙e usually very excited to see me.鈥 Aww鈥 we鈥檇 be happy to see you too, Brad, and having you doll us up to look like a million bucks doesn鈥檛 hurt either!

It's love! 馃挊 @normancook #havefun

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There is one notable exception though. 鈥淓xcept for one client who likes to try on one thing and then go go,鈥 Brad says slyly. He turns to the camera and says pointedly, 鈥淎nd that client鈥檚 name is Kaley Cuoco.鈥 Is that Brad calling Kaley OUT? Yep, sounds like it! (Don鈥檛 worry, the Big Bang Theory actress and Brad are oooooold friends.) But hey, you can hardly fault Kaley for being low maintenance.

When it comes to trends, Brad has some strong opinions. The one trend he hopes dies a fiery death STAT is wedge sneakers. Harsh, but, yeah, totally agree. And the one that he thinks will be everywhere in 2017 is metallic fabrics. 鈥淕olds, silvers, lots of shimmer,鈥 he predicts.

And in case you鈥檙e worried that there are trends you can鈥檛 pull off, Brad has some wise words for you. 鈥淭he best way to ease yourself into a trend is with accessories,鈥 he tells us, 鈥渂ut I also think the number one thing is not caring what other people think.鈥 Preach, Brad!

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