Sure, it鈥檚 only March, but Minka Kelly is already having a hell of a year 鈥 her new show The Path is streaming on Hulu March 31 (!!) and she鈥檚 on the market to buy a new house. Her house hunt (and for anyone who鈥檚 ever been on the market, it鈥檚 a HUNT) led her to partner up with real-estate listing site Trulia to announce their latest study on the best neighborhoods in America. We caught up with the Friday Night Lights alum as she dished about her best tips for home buying + decor, how she likes to let loose and also the beauty products she absolutely CAN鈥橳 live without.

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鈥淚 love interior design,鈥 Minka confesses. 鈥淚f I could redecorate every month, I would.鈥 She鈥檚 also not afraid of taking on a little bit of a fixer-upper, but she doesn鈥檛 advise everyone to go around knocking down walls immediately. 鈥淭he best advice I鈥檝e ever gotten was to live in a space and get a feel for it before you renovate.鈥 When she first moved into her current space, her first thought was to completely change up her bathroom. However, taking the advice of her friend, she lived with it for a while and found that she actually loved it. 鈥淚 love my bathroom now, and what I did do instead was knock down a wall in my room to put in French doors that led to my backyard.鈥

When she鈥檚 not knocking down walls, she blows off steam by channeling her creativity through art and food. 鈥淚 took a pottery class yesterday and I made a big, beautiful bowl. I鈥檒l probably put it in my kitchen for fruit,鈥 she tells us. 鈥淚 like to cook, so I spend a lot of time there.鈥 As for fave dishes to make, Minka says with a laugh, 鈥淭he easiest and most impressive dish I like to make is salmon. I鈥檒l usually roast some vegetables and put some pesto on top. For some reason, I also get a lot of meatball requests from my friends. We鈥檒l get together and have pizza nights or make Mexican food. That鈥檚 why we have to work out so much!鈥

Minka Kelly

Minka鈥檚 go-to trainer is celeb trainer Jason Walsh. 鈥淢y trainer Jason Walsh recently created a workout called Rise Nation. It鈥檚 30 minutes on a VersaClimber. We鈥檒l just turn the lights out, put on some music, and it鈥檚 so fun,鈥 she says. To add variety to her fitness, she also loves taking her dogs out for hikes, hot yoga and weight training. And while Minka鈥檚 got Jason Walsh to help keep her body in tip top shape, she counts on a certain few beauty products to keep lips looking good too. The product she can鈥檛 leave the house without? 鈥淐hapstick!鈥 she exclaims, or lip balms in general. Her life-saving, absolutely can鈥檛-live-without products are Lucas Papaw鈥檚 Ointment ($14) and Glossier鈥檚 Balm Dot Com ($12).

As for the house hunting, it鈥檚 still an ongoing process. 鈥淚鈥檓 narrowing it down,鈥 she tells us, though she hasn鈥檛 quite found her forever home yet. 鈥淚 moved around so much [growing up]. I think I鈥檓 the first person in my family to get to buy a place. Having my own house now, I feel so lucky.鈥

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(Photos via Carlos Delgado/AP Images for Trulia)