What would a summer of hair DIY be without a few new tricks in the braid department? For this week’s clever hack, we’ll show you three ways to rock braids… in braids! It’s so meta :)

We’ll start with mini braids braided into a fishtail.

Fishtail Braid

We love the texture and thickness of this one. The photos correspond to the numbered steps below the collage, starting with the upper left photo.

1. Use hair powder or root lifter to give some volume to the roots of your hair.

2. Scrunch up your hair to pump up the volume.

3. Pull hair into a side pony, and wrap a strand of hair around the elastic.

4. Braid a whole bunch of tiny braids.

5. Split into two sections.

6. Braid into a traditional fishtail braid, using the mini braids as your hair.

7. Secure with an elastic at the and, and remove the elastics that were holding the mini braids.

8. Oh heeyy!

9. Doesn’t that texture look great?

Next up, we’ll do a french braid and turns into a fishtail that then turns into a slip braid!

French Braids

Take a look at the steps!

1. Brush through your hair so it’s easy to work with.

2. Start by french braiding at the top of your scalp.

3. Keep going until you reach the middle of your head.

4. Then transition into a fishtail french braid.

5. Continue about halfway down the braid with the fishtail, then transition into a regular braid.

6. Once you reach the end of the hair, hold the center section of the braid and slide the other two up.

7. This creates a slip braid.

8. We love all the different layers in this look.

9. And it looks like our model, Cecelia, does too!

There are so many ways to rock a braided bun, but what about one that involves mini braids, and upside down french braid, and then a few more braids?!

Braided Bun

Now for the step-by-step!

1. Flip your head upside down and create three small braids.

2. Start french braiding from the bottom.

3. Keep going until you reach the top of your head, then gather into a ponytail.

4. Take out the elastics from the mini braids you maid.

5. Make a 3 more accent braids in the ponytail.

6. Braid the ponytail piece – make sure those accent braids are showing.

7. Twist into a bun.

8. Secure with a bobby pin.

9. And that’s it!!

Which of these wave styles is your favorite? Do you have any ingenious ways to make complicated hair styles a little more simple? Talk to us in the comments below.