Stuck with a long, boring or gas-guzzling commute? It’s time to break out the good ol’ two-wheeler. Yup, we’re talking bikes: The ultimate way to get around, get fit, get fresh air and avoid that humdrum treadmill workout. One small issue that comes along with biking is messy, greasy helmet hair that can look not so professional once you arrive at work. But you shouldn’t have to trade fashion for function! That’s why we’ve rounded up 19 adorable and stylish looks for you to wear under your helmet. Now, as for picking out the best bike accessories and gear? We’ll leave that to you.


1. Bright Head Wrap ($13): If you’ve got short curls or can’t find a hair tie or bobby pin anywhere, try tying up your locks with a brightly colored head wrap. This one easily transitions from on the road to in the office.


2. Three Twisted Buns: The main reason why this hairstyle rocks our socks off? It’s best made with day-old or slightly dirty hair, which means it’s a cinch to put up in the morning sans shower. (via A Cup Of Jo)


3. Waterfall Crown Braid: If you’re not too keen on tying up your hair, this simple half-up/half-down style will keep flyaways out of your eyes and still look amazing after biking around town. (via Brit + Co)


4. Sweepback: Just because you have cropped locks doesn’t mean you have to be content slapping a helmet on them. This faux side-shave is just the right amount of edgy. (via Beautylish)


5. French Fishtail Slip Braid: This layered plait takes a little time for sure, but the final look, which is still sophisticated even with a few loose pieces, is totally worth it. (via Brit + Co)


6. Pony Tail Tuck: A simple twirl and tuck adds a little more fashionable flair to the classic low pony. (via Plum Pretty Sugar)


7. Messy Fishtails: Pigtails and helmets go together like bikes and pretty wicker baskets. This messy style keeps things from looking too childish. (via Brit + Co)


8. Braided Pony: If you’ve got layers, this braided pony is perfect for you. The delicate detailed braid will keep shorter pieces in check and poke out prettily underneath your helmet. (via Elle)


9. Bobby Pin-Up: A faux hawk styled with bright bobby pins is a great way to keep natural hair from getting matted down under a helmet. You can even style your own pins for a pop of color. (via Refinery29)


10. Blunt Messy Lob: A lob is the ultimate biking hairstyle because it looks sweet and feminine with or without a helmet. Just make sure to bring along some dry shampoo to plump up strands with volume once you take your helmet off. (via Pop Haircut)


11. French Braid Side Twist: Bangs are a notorious nuisance to bikers, but they certainly don’t have to be. Style them off to the side with a sweet French braid. (via Brit + Co)


12. Half-Up Braided Crown: Use this braid to frame your face — and your helmet. It will stay put no matter how bumpy your ride. (via A Cup of Jo)


13. Sophisticated Knot: This simple, professional chignon easily transitions from bike to work to business meeting to happy hour. Now if only we had one comfortable outfit that did the same! (via Elle)


14. Looped Twist: Here, a wrapped side pony gets a cascading waterfall effect that screams effortless-chic. (via Kouture Kiss)


15. Messy Braided Bangs: Keep your bangs from blocking your view (and from getting sweaty) by braiding ’em up and away from your face. You can easily take them down once you get to your destination, or leave them be for a sophisticated half-up ‘do. (via Brit + Co)


16. Low Bun: The gentle, feminine grace of this updo will work easily on the road, in the office and out for a fancy night on the town. (via A Beautiful Mess)


17. Messy Dutch Pigtails: Braiding your hair under itself lets you achieve major volume and texture without frizzy flyaways, making it perfect for stowing under a helmet. (via Brit + Co)


18. French Braid Bun: Toss your French-braided plaits into a low chignon for some sophisticated and subdued glam. (via Once Wed)


19. Braids, Braids, Braids: Go nuts with braiding and twisting with this ultimate tutorial. (via Brit + Co)

What ‘do do you rock under your bike helmet? Share below!