They say to do what you love, but rarely does the option come up where you can love where you do it. We know a thing or too about really cool office space, but even we were jealous of some of these incredible workplaces! Forget cubicles and boring ol’ water coolers, these offices are designed to inspire, to fuel creativity and promote a happy attitude, and they are obviously doing something right (take a look at any of these companies’ impressive accomplishments). Whether you work from home or are stuck in a small cubicle, get ready to take a break in one of these envy-inducing offices.

1. Hurley Campus: Located in California, Hurley is a hub of skate, surf and cool. Not only do they have the most awesomely bright break room, but they also have an indoor skatepark to properly make use of said breaks. We love all the vibrant colors and not a stale coffee pot to be seen! (via Cooler)

2. Red Bull London: The energy drink’s offices had better be fun if they want to give their employees wings; they have a ping pong table and their very own bar, where they hosts parties, launches and events as well as bands on a regular basis. (via Office Snapshots)

3. BFG Communications: The skatepark-themed office of this branding company looks rad and would be an inspirational place to get your thinking cap on. Or get thinking when and where you are going to skate next.

4. Zynga: You would kind of expect the offices of a game company to be pretty cool, and this space definitely doesn’t disappoint! Zynga’s work environment is very pet friendly (did you know the company is named after CEO Mark Pincus’ late American Bulldog, Zinga?) and employees are allowed to bring pets to work on certain days. (via Sexy Social Media)

5. Airbnb: Based in San Fran, the headquarters for Airbnb is designed to enable workers to choose where and how they want to work on any given day. The entire space has an open floor plan, with no private offices, even for the founders. Each collaboration space has a unique look and feel, with many of them being literal translations of listings from around the world. (via Custom Spaces)

6. Inventionland Design Factory: Located in Pennsylvania, this awesome treehouse is part of the headquarters of Davison Design and Development, where serene pools surround their interior office. (via Cen Prop)

7. Wonder Factory: This advertising company in New York City embraces their quirky work culture to promote creativity in employees, and it extends to their office layout with hidden secret rooms and beautiful office decor that reminds us of a library. (via Get Me With Those Green Eyes)

8. DreamHost: Does your breakroom have a ping pong table and a chalkboard wall? Yeah, we’re jealous too. (via Office Snapshots)

9. Dropbox: How zen does this white room feel with all those natural textures and bright light?! (via Sliptalk)

10. Facebook: We already know Facebook has some killer perks, but they also have some terrific decor including lots of bright murals. (via Sliptalk)

11. Urban Outfitters: The gorgeous offices of Urban Outfitters are truly a place to explore all kinds of creative outlets with gardens and a koi pond all built into a Navy shipyard warehouse. (via Decor8)

12. Office in the Woods: Located in the woods near Madrid, the office of Selgas Cano Architecture features a 20mm thick, curved window made of transparent acrylic, which forms the north-facing wall of the tunnel-like space. (via DeZeen)

13. White Mountain Office: This incredible office is home to a Swedish Internet provider and hosts server halls and offices 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm in a space that was once used as an anti-atomic shelter! (via Industry and Interest)

14. Palotta Teamworks: After getting a good deal on the warehouse, the design company realized they wouldn’t be able to heat and cool the whole place so they came up with a brilliant alternative — smaller confined spaces for people to work in, yet still be part of the entire company. (via Inhabitat)

15. LEGO: But of course the coolest toy company has a slide in their conference room! (via Ottenki Serogo Journal)

16. DonorsChoose: This national nonprofit company has channelled over $237 million in books, art supplies, field trips and other resources to students in low-income public schools. (via Stylist)

17. ASB North Wharf: You’ll feel like you’re underwater at this New Zealand development company with an atrium giving nods to nautical references. Only five colors are used throughout the building, the same five colors used on their website. (via Idea Log)

18. The Barbarian Group: This radical office is famous for their endless table that physically connects everyone in the office and creates arches with grotto-like spaces underneath that turn into cozy meeting spots or private work spaces. (via URdesign)

19. Sahibinden: Located in Istanbul, this tech company wanted to enhance employee productivity through a comfortable and enjoyable environment. The entire ground floor contains a 250m running track, a basketball court, fitness area and café. (via Design Ideas)

20. Yelp: Tucked inside a ’20s art deco building, Yelp’s front desk looks like a general store complete with an old timey gold cash register. But employees spend most of their time in their onsite coffee shop, slinging free artisanal coffee all day. (via Business Insider)

How do you personalize your workspace? Would you work well in a community-based office? Let us know what YOUR office is like in the comments below!