Stop everything: The cast of Disney’s live-action Lion King remake has been announced. And, yes, it includes the one and only Beyoncé in the role of the beloved female lead, Nala.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday evening, Queen Bey shared a complete Lion King cast photo, simply captioned “#TheLionKing 2019.” Cue screams, fainting, and texting the screaming emoji over and over to your friends in group chat.

Granted, the rumor that Bey might be joining the cast in the role of Nala has been circulating since at least as early as Marcha month after some of the project’s major cast members were announced, including Donald Glover as Simba and James Earl Jones in a reprisal of the part of Mufasa, who the actor voiced in the original 1994 animated film. The casting of Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as, respectively, Pumbaa and Timon, has also been known info for quite some time now.

The full cast announcement, however, confirms the pesky Knowles-related rumors once and for all. Plus, we get to learn about who else is on board and, well, talk about a dream cast. (For real, though.) Apart from Glover, Bey, and Jones, the Oscar-nominated dramatic powerhouses Chiwetel Ejiofor and Alfre Woodard are confirmed as Scar and Sarabi.

Audiences can expect some belly laughs, too, of course. Besides Rogen and Eichner, comedian Eric André is on deck to play Azizi, while Key and Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key is confirmed as Kamari. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver is locked in as sassy Zazu.

Summer 2019 can’t come soon enough.

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(Featured photo via @Beyonce)