While the Spice Girls (on tour soon!) are often imitated but never duplicated (see: Project Everyone’s political remake), the latest group to take on their mega-hit “Wannabe” did a pretttttyyyy, prettttty bang-up job.


Britney Spears’s backup dancers (who just so happen to be male) re-did the classic video in its original location and we must say: It’s outrageously good.

Posting the vid to her page, Brit-Brit writes, “My dancers are the new Spice Girls. BTW…this is the exact spot where the original music video was shot! Amazing!”

She isn’t lying. Not only do the guys NAIL Mel B.’s ‘tude as one dancer walks backwards to join his “sisters” on the stairs for the iconic synchronized dance scene, they obviously knock the moves out the park.

Take another look at the original below and see how the two compare!

Who knows? Maybe the girls can use them as fill-ins for Mel. C. and Posh (both of which are reportedly not joining Emma, Geri and Mel B. on their upcoming tour)? Just sayin.’

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(Photo via Brenda Chase/Getty + emimusic)