Stocks and broth aren’t just for soups anymore. Nope, it’s all about sipping nowadays. Move over coffee and hot chocolate, we’re warming up with these 10 brodo recipes. Packed with flavor and nutrients, they’re a great way to fight off the cold (and colds) this winter. You’ll want to get in on this hot new trend, stat!


1. Vegetable Broth: Tailor this broth to your personal tastes by using your favorite veggies. Even better, it can be ready for sipping after just 15 minutes of simmering. (via Minimal Eats)


2. Homemade Beef Broth: Richly flavored beef broth like this definitely doesn’t come from a carton. (via Relishing It)


3. Pressure Cooker Bone Broth: Break out the pressure cooker to make this broth come together in a snap. Using a mix of bones (chicken, beef and pork) gives it an incomparable, layered flavor. (via Food Renegade)


4. Cold-Fighting Alkaline Broth: Make your next cold go away more quickly with this comforting remedy. (via JJ Begonia)


5. Turkey Bone Broth: Don’t just toss that Thanksgiving turkey carcass next year; use it for a fabulous bowlful of broth instead. Nowhere near November? No worries, a freshly roasted turkey leg works just as well. (via Healing and Eating)


6. Pumpkin Vegetable Stock: Once their purpose as decorations has passed, use any uncarved petite pumpkins to make this stock. It’s the perfect recipe for a no-waste holiday. (via The Otium)


7. Asian Chicken Stock: Enhanced with chiles and spices, this highly seasoned broth will warm you up in more ways than one. (via My Invisible Crown)


8. Smoked Vegetable Stock: Tossing in a bit of smoked pork shoulder to your next batch of vegetarian stock adds a huge punch of flavor. It won’t be veggie-friendly, but it sure will be delicious. (via Pickled Capers)


9. Magical Mineral Broth: Make this broth the next time you’re snowed in or plan on spending the day around the house. The active prep is merely fifteen minutes, but to get a rich, velvety bowl of stock you’ll need to let it simmer for a long, long time. (via Veggies by Candlelight)


10. Parmesan Broth: Made from otherwise spent Parmesan rinds, this broth costs just pennies. Add a ladleful to your next batch of risotto for a cost-effective flavor infusion. (via Food52)

What kind of brodo would you like to sip on this season? Let’s talk in the comments.