Pressure, we’re digging it lately… but hold up. Before you go trying to stress us out for the sake of satisfaction, let us clarify: We’re talking specifically about pressure cooking. If the slow cooker is for the lazy chef, the pressure cooker is for the impatient one. And for your wham-bam-let’s-eat-ma’am pleasure, we’re loading you up with 14 recipes that utilize the lightning-fast kitchen tool.

1. Quick and Easy Hazelnut Flan: Did you know you could achieve perfectly creamy desserts in a pressure cooker? Whelp, now you do. (via Pressure Cooking Today)

2. Beef Short Ribs: Braising short ribs in a pressure cooker trims the cooking time down to a third of what most cooking methods require. We’re talking one hour versus three or more. Rack ’em up, baby. (via The Bitten Word)

3. Pressure Cooker Tomato Sauce: With its long simmering time and splattering nature, you might not be a huge fan of making tomato sauce. But all that changes with this recipe. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

4. Fried Chicken: Hot and crispy every time. We’re not going to say it’s healthy, but we are going to say that there’s minimal exposure to bubbling hot fat. (via Cookistry)

5. Ham Hock Soup with Lentils: Transform your leftover holiday ham into a flavorful stock for lentil soup, an elegant take on the usual split pea. (via The Wooden Spoons)

6. Dulce de Leche: You already know how we feel about caramel, so you better believe we’re dipping into this speedy dulce de leche recipe on the double. (via The Tough Cookie)

7. Kerala Coconut Chicken Curry: Like your curry in hurry? Give this flavorful South Indian fave a try. It achieves authentic flavors with an approachable ingredients list. (via The Kitchn)

8. Beef Stroganoff: It’s basically the casserole equivalent of your favorite well-worn sweatshirt. Perfect winter comfort food. (via The Hungry Housewife)

9. Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime Rice: Top this rice with barbacoa or your favorite protein, beans and salsa to create a Mexican restaurant experience at home. (via Pressure Cooking Today)

10. Beef Pho: From start to finish, this beef pho is totally homemade. And there’s a high probability it’s going to put your local Vietnamese restaurant’s version to shame. (via Use Real Butter)

11. Pork Ragu: Now this is what we’re talking about. A mouthwatering meat sauce that doesn’t skimp on the pork… or wine. (via Bitchin’ Camero)

12. Asparagus Risotto: Some risotto recipes require your undivided attention. This is not one of those recipes. There’s no stirring, and dinner’ll be on the table in 30 minutes. (via She Knows)

13. Blackberry Italian Soda: Make your own blackberry juice extraction then transform it into a flavorful syrup (just add sugar!) to create refreshing Italian sodas when topped with seltzer. (via Hip Pressure Cooking)

14. Pozole Rojo: Choose your own adventure — make this classic Mexican soup in a pressure cooker, Dutch oven or slow cooker! (via That’s Some Good Cookin’)

Let’s gab about your favorite kitchen gadgets and the recipes to make with them in the comments!