We fully admit to spending more time on our smartphones than we should. There is now even a lane for texting pedestrians in China for goodness sake. Most of the time we have no excuse for being tech zombies. But every so often we see technology used in a smart way, and we’re instantly reminded of how totally awesome it can be.

Proof = this new video by Ukraine indie band, Brunette Shoot Blondes. The music video for their song “Knock Knock” was filmed in real time across 14 screens. The video portrays a rabbit man who was seemingly a very bad boyfriend. He shows up to his lady’s house with flowers, but she’s having none of it. He chases after her across all the 14 screens as she locks doors on him and drives away (sounds kind of stalkerish, but actually it’s pretty sweet).

The whole video works together so seamlessly, all you can do is wonder “how the heck did they do that!?” The band (who directed the video themselves) don’t give away much about how they made this idea work, but they do say that “all animated fragments were first drawn and uploaded on each iPhone, iPad and MacBook in advance. Then the main challenge was how to make everything work together without any editing.”

Well, mission accomplished, guys. Mission totally and utterly accomplished.

What other cool videos have you seen that use technology to its advantage? Share a link with us.