What would Halloween be without zombies, vampires, ghouls and goblins? Because we know you need your tricks along with your treats, we’ve devised a simple how-to on creating a zombie look that actually looks pretty. Best of all, you can use products you already have!

Here’s a list of the specific products we used that work for Brit, but it is likely that you have your own collection of foundations, powders, concealers, lipsticks, black eyeshadows, etc, so feel free to improvise.

 NARS Sheer Foundation
Maybelline Waterproof Cover Stick, Ivory
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
MAC Carbon Shadow
MAC Espresso Shadow
MAC Vanilla Shadow
MAC Nylon Shadow
Ulta Black Eyeliner Pencil
Ulta Proof Liquid Eyeliner
Palladio Thickening Mascara
MAC Satin Lipstick, Red

– Red Lip Pencil (be sure to check this list for whether your lip pencil is safe for eye use)


First, let’s get that face primed and zombie-ready.

Use a foundation that is a shade or two lighter than your skin for a more death-like hue. If you don’t have a lighter foundation, try adding concealer or even a white shadow or powder.

Next, use concealer as a brightener for your t-zone and under eyes. For under your eyes, use your finger to blend in the shape of an arrow that starts from the outer corner of your eyelid to the inner corner and down to the top of your cheekbone. Using a finger rather than a brush is best because the heat from your finger helps blend.

Last, use a brightening powder as face powder. Instead of highlighting just a few parts of your face, highlight it all! This gives the look of being translucent.


Grab a black or charcoal gray eyeshadow and get ready to use it as bronzer! Use a brush to add contour (the hollowed out look) to your cheekbones, jaw line, the top of your forehead, and down to your neck. The trick here is to keep blending so the black shadow looks “natural.”

Add a touch of brightening powder over top to soften the look and blend.


Now, the eyes. Start with a light vanilla-like shade on the inner to mid eyelid with a flat shadow brush. Follow that up with a brown or beige shadow on the outer corner of the eyelid and in the crease with a fluffy shadow brush.

Use an espresso shade to start defining around the corners of the eye. Then use a firmer brush with a bit of water and apply another layer of black along the lash line.

Then round out the shadow part of the look with a light peach shade to the top of the brow bone. This will highlight and add even more dimension.

For liner, do one layer with a regular black eyeliner pencil. Then take it to the next level with your liquid liner. This is especially helpful for giving your lashes a fuller look.

Then, use red lip liner under the bottom lash! Use a brush to smudge it a bit. This seals the deal on the eye makeup. It’s slightly gruesome but still manages to be pretty.

Add a little cheekbone highlight with your brightening powder.

And finish off the eyes with 2-3 coats of thickening mascara. The more mascara, the scarier. This is the only time “tarantula eyes” can actually help you out.


Last, the lips! Line lips with the same red liner you used on your eyes. Add a little bit of black eyeliner and blend with a lip brush.

Finish off with bright red lipstick with a lip brush to blend everything together.

And yes, that does look like an ombre lip tint! (Pro tip: To make your lips really pop, go back over the edge of your lips with a touch of foundation or concealer – the brightest reds tend to bleed a little bit.)

For our finishing touch, we used nail polish on Brit’s shirt to simulate blood. Very scary!

Do you have any tricks for using basic makeup to create spooky Halloween looks? We’d love to hear from you. Talk to us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Whenever you are using beauty products not made for the eyes near your eyes, be sure to refer to this FDA list of what ingredients to watch out for in term of irritating your eyes.