Food bloggers. They’re everywhere, and it’s glorious. Some have podcasts, others have cookbooks for sale and a few even have memoirs out as well. We love checking in on them for culinary inspiration (and it’s possible we’re head-over-heels obsessed with a few), but when we’re on a tight budget, sometimes those fancy, high-end recipes just don’t cut it. Never fear, though, because we’ve rounded up a dozen fantastic food blogs perfect for saving a little dough even while you’re making it.


1. Stone Soup: With titles like “How to Cook Once and Eat All Week (Without Getting Bored),” these guys keep it real and help us move beyond the more tedious parts of living on a budget. And with recipes like these, there aren’t many opportunities for boredom anyway.

Sweet Potato Tacos with Lime Crema text

2. Budget Bytes: This grandaddy of all budget food blogs has a tag line that says it all: “My stomach is full and my wallet is too.” Indeed, every recipe comes with a total cost listed alongside its name, as well as a per-portion cost too, all the way down to the penny.


3. Budget Savvy Diva: Updated every hour on the hour, this diva’s blog is all about digital coupons and deals galore. Her recipe section’s something to behold too: It’s got everything from gluten-free bites to copycat recipes mimicking popular restaurant dishes (without the restaurant prices to match).


4. Creme de la Crumb: Don’t let the highbrow pun in the title fool you. This blog focuses on elegant food, but without the exorbitant grocery bills to match. From cake batter smoothies to fire-roasted salsas, there’s something for everyone here.


5. New Leaf Wellness: One of the smartest cost-cutting maneuvers in the kitchen is freezer meal prep. And yes, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found here. Whether it’s freezer-to-grill marinated chicken packs or slow cooker freezer meals you’re after, you’ll find them here in abundance.


6. Pocket Change Gourmet: The creative couple behind this blog knows how to make a dime dance like a dollar, and they do it with creativity to spare. In addition to individual recipes, they post monthly and weekly meal plans to help themselves and their followers stay on track.

green-smoothie-st-patricks-day-600x600 copy

7. Eating Richly: Think you can’t enjoy balsamic-glazed asparagus or daily green protein smoothies on a budget? Think again. The husband and wife behind this blog take a no-nonsense approach to everything from high-end to kid-friendly cooking, with lots of emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies.


8. Vegan Family Recipes: Whoever said you can’t go vegan on a budget clearly never checked in with Vanessa, the recipe developer and mother of two responsible for this cruelty-free hub. Cooking up everything from paella to scones, she delivers the goods without an ounce of guilt.


9. Organic Life on a Budget: In addition to organic recipes, this blog offers a 30-day clean eating challenge to kickstart habits that are equally healthy for your body and your budget. It’s got plenty of #MeatlessMondays inspo too.


10. Graceful Little Honey Bee: It might have a sweet and innocent name, but this blog packs a punch when it comes to tips for living on limited funds. It’s filled to the brim with yummy recipes and cooking tips, all designed with the bottom line in mind.


11. BrokeAss Gourmet: Not one to mince words, BrokeAss Gourmet tells it like it is and breaks down countless recipes with a straightforward tone and a cute sense of humor. With creative recipes like watermelon pizza and delectable dips made with soft cheese and homemade sauce, they like to think outside the box when it comes to cooking.


12. The Frugal Girl: From “lazy crepes” to “dirt cakes,” the recipes whipped up here have a heaping helping of whimsy as their main ingredient. And while we’re on the topic, just look at that colorful seven-layer jello cube. Doesn’t it set your OCD heart aflutter?

Where do YOU turn for inspiration when you’re whipping up small-budget bites? Share in the comments below!