From authentic Mexican recipes and TexMex dishes to burritos in bowls, burritos are everywhere. And for good reason: They’re amazingly delicious. Whether you’re having a south-of-the-border themed Super Bowl party or you’re craving a cooking project this weekend, these burrito essentials will help you get there in style.


1. 2FunGuys Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit ($20): If you’re adding mushrooms to your burrito, skip the store-bought options and opt for some homegrown mushrooms that you’ve raised yourself. This cute little kit contains everything you’ll need to get your very own mushroom factory up and running.


2. Modern Sprout Garden Jar ($20): If you want to go homemade all the way, don’t forget herbs in your burrito. This pretty garden-in-a-jar kit lets you grow your very own right from your kitchen’s window sill.


3. Grow and Make DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($34): Hot sauce and burritos go together like peanut butter and jelly. This kit gives you everything you need to craft three separate varieties. There’s something for everyone, from the mild heat lovers to those who like it as hot as it can get.


4. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit ($40): While hot sauce and burritos are an official couple, sometimes burrito cheats on hot sauce with cervezas, and we really don’t mind. Pair your burrito fest with this homemade IPA and you won’t regret it.


5. Liddabit Sweets Chocolate Dipped Sea Salt Caramels ($15): There’s always room for a little sugar. Whether it’s during the prep process or afterwards as a formal dessert, these chocolate dipped caramels are a little slice of heaven that simply can’t be missed.


6. Rifle Paper Co. Polka Dot Recipe Box and Cards ($34): Once you’ve crafted the perfect burrito recipe, file it away in your permanent archives using this super adorable black and gold recipe box. It even comes with cards, so you can hit the ground running as soon as it arrives.


7. Print Liberation Purrito T-Shirt ($24): This shirt is equally perfect for cat lovers and burrito lovers. If you happen to be both, you may have just found your favorite tee of all time.


8. Aheriloom Custom Maple Flag Cutting Board ($38): You’ve gotta cut up everything from cheese to the salsa ingredients for your burrito party, so do it in sentimental style with this custom cutting board.


9. Casa Amarosa Tortilla and Bread Basket ($25): One thing that will ruin your burrito dinner before it gets started is cold tortillas. Make sure this doesn’t happen with this super fly tortilla basket.


10. Bacon Nation by Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama ($15): If you’re taking the breakfast burrito approach, this book is key. It’ll tell you all the secrets to making the most delicious bacon possible for your breakfast burrito.


11. Urban Cheesecraft Deluxe Cheese Kit ($50): If you want to keep the homemade streak running, this kit gives you everything you need to make your very own cheeses. If you’ve got another plan for the cheese in your burrito, enjoy this spread as an appetizer before the burrito show begins.


12. Gift Republic Beer Can Glass ($15): This shiny goddess of a glass holds one can of beer perfectly. No more overflowing cups for you and your guests!

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