We鈥檝e all been there: In the backseat of a Lyft, happy-hour buzzed and homeward bound, fingertips occupied in an endless Insta scroll. And then it happens. That must-have purse or shoe pops up and you impulsively make the call to buy. This series explores the modern phenom that is shopping when you鈥檙e a little sauced and the sweet satisfaction or dreadful dismay that follows.

In this month鈥檚 installment, we decided to veer off the online shopping-only narrative because we found a BFB story that鈥檚 just so good. After scoring last-minute tickets to Outside Lands, Brit + Co鈥檚 Creative Strategist Maddie Bachelder decided she needed some fresh festival fash. Because, of course she did! 鈥淎t the risk of sounding basic 鈥 okay, I鈥檓 a little basic 鈥 outfit-curation is a big part of the festival experience for me,鈥 says Bachelder. 鈥淚鈥檓 Type A through and through, and not having a well-planned outfit was just not an option.鈥

After a crazy work day followed by a happy hour where she had two 鈥 or was it three? 鈥 glasses of vino, she set out in search of a fun and festival-worthy blouse while keeping in mind that Golden Gate Park鈥檚 summer weather rarely rises above a chilly 60 degrees. 鈥淚 managed to get the energy to hit two Zara stores, rummage through two sale sections, and endure two dressing room experiences,鈥 she recalls.

Wondering how she even ended up at that second Zara? We were. 鈥淚鈥檓 very thorough,鈥 she says. 鈥淸And] different Zaras actually carry quite different inventory. And since Zara was having a massive sale, curiosity (and wine) got the best of me.鈥 (We鈥檙e betting on the wine buzz.) Finally, she spotted the Zara Smocked Print Top ($13, on sale from $50) at the second location.

The sheer navy blouse features a pale pink leaf print, a smocked waist, and puffy, smocked sleeves. 鈥淚 wanted a fun top that would pair well with jeans and a denim jacket and I found it,鈥 she says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nostalgic enough to feel like a tasteful, grown-up throwback to the early 鈥00s. Remember Limited Too smocked blouses? Plus, I love how flirty and fun the sleeves are.鈥

Retail Hangover Status: 鈥淚t was totally worth it and I鈥檇 buy it again in a heartbeat. Would I have gone to two Zaras in one night without being fueled by white wine? The jury鈥檚 still out on that.鈥

What鈥檚 the best or worst buzzed purchase you鈥檝e made lately? Snap a selfie and tag #buzzedbuys on Insta!

(Photos via Zara and Maddie Bachelder)

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