We love online shopping just as much as the next guy or gal, but it does have its pitfalls: namely, the uncertainty of whether or not a particular style will flatter your shape in the way you want it to. With sizes varying widely by brand and fitting each person’s body type differently, making a purchase can be a real crapshoot. Thankfully, ASOS is on a mission to end your ill-fitting garment woes, introducing a game-changing app that allows you to see products on range of body shapes.

Dubbed Zeekit, this virtual fitting room technology allows users to see how they’d look in certain styles by seeing how it would look on others with similar frames.

“We’re always testing new technology that can make our customers’ experience even better,” the brand said in a statement. “In this case, we’re experimenting with AR to show product on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape.”

So far, the Zeekit feature is only available via the ASOS app for women’s clothing, but the brand doesn’t seem to have ruled out expanding to menswear, as it noted on Twitter, saying, “…We’re still trying this new tech but keep an eye on out app and out social media pages for the latest updates on this!”

According to reports from Bustle, the update is taking a little while to reach all users, but should be available soon.

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(Photos via ASOS)