Candy corn is our spooky sweet of the week and today we’ve taken the concept of candy corn-inspired treats to the next level. We’ve candy-corned our popcorn and and candy-corned our ice cream cones for one pretty party treat. All you need are a few ingredients and a love of all things candy corn.

 – 1 bag orange candy melts

– 1 bag yellow candy melts

– 1 bag white candy melts

– 12 waffle cones

– 18 cups popcorn (1 extra-large pre-popped bag)

– 6 tablespoons vegetable oil

– 3 gallon-size plastic bags

Place orange candy melts in a tall measuring cup or glass that’s wide enough to encompass the top of the waffle cone. Melt orange candy melts in microwave for 30 second intervals until completely melted, stirring after each interval.

Grab a plate and a tall glass. Place glass upside-down in the middle of the plate. This will be your drying area for the cones.

Dip 2/3 of the waffle cone into the orange melts and slowly rotate until evenly covered and coated with a thin layer of melts (you may have to use a spatula to remove some of the melts from the inside of the cone). Remove and set aside on the drying plate, leaning the top of the cone against the glass to rest while drying. Reserve melted orange candy melts.

Repeat with bottom 1/3 of cone by melting yellow candy melts and then top 1/3 of the cone with white candy melts. Set

Meanwhile, place 6 cups of popcorn in each of 3 gallon-size plastic bags. Place reserved melted candy melts in the microwave and reheat for 30 seconds. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to each glass of candy melts to thin. Pour about 1/2 cup of orange candy melt mixture into one bag of popcorn. Shake until completely covered. Repeat with each color.

Scoop popcorn with waffle cones and serve!

So festive! We love these sweet treats.

What’s your favorite candy corn-inspired treat? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.