There has been zero shortage of pumpkin spice-flavored products this fall. Given the seasonal flavor鈥檚 growing popularity, it should come as no surprise that the collective pumpkin spice obsession didn鈥檛 stop at coffee. Thanks to Captain Morgan, it has even entered boozy territory. The spiced rum brand recently reintroduced their extremely festive limited-edition shot: Captain Morgan Jack-O鈥橞last ($16). For the second year in a row, the blend (available in 750 ml and 50 ml sizes) is on shelves and ready for your Halloween parties.

Complete with adorable pumpkin-shaped packaging (featuring Captain Morgan himself), the pumpkin spiced Caribbean rum shot is made with seasonal spices and packs 鈥渋ntensely delicious鈥 flavor, the label promises.

It鈥檚 as if Captain Morgan answered every past and present college kid鈥檚 prayers, because not only is Jack-O鈥橞last way cuter than most bottles, but the flavors are pre-blended to PSL-worthy perfection, meaning all that鈥檚 left to do is line 鈥檈m up.

Because this particular bottle is meant to be consumed by the shot, its 750 ml (25 ounces) size is actually quite a lot. For reference, a standard shot pour in the U.S. is 1.5 ounces, so the entire thing yields around 16 servings depending on your glass size. The 50 ml size is a single 鈥 yet still *very* autumnal 鈥 shot.

The rum itself is 60 proof with an ABV of 30 percent, and according to a press release announcing its return, is best served chilled 鈥 preferably alongside fall decor.

In a statement obtained by Brit + Co via email, Linda Bethea, vice president of Captain Morgan, spoke to the brand鈥檚 decision to bring back the hit blend. 鈥淛ack-O鈥橞last captures the bold and delicious flavors of fall making it an easy decision to release for a second time,鈥 she said. 鈥淚t鈥檚 the perfect addition to any party, tailgate or backyard bonfire this season,鈥 she continued, confirming that it should, indeed, be served at any and all fall festivities.

For those seeking innovative ways to serve a shot of Jack-O鈥橞last, we suggest making it a double with a shot of Captain Morgan Loconut and a splash of cold brew. Then, top it off with a swirl of whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon like Captain Morgan鈥檚 official Pumpkin Spice Shotte recipe, pictured above. It looks like a real-life PSL. Only it鈥檚 100 percent boozy.

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(Photos via Captain Morgan)