If your parents ever told you not to play outside after dark, it was probably because you didn’t have a game that was full of LEDs. Whelp, now one of our favorite DIY materials is about to hit the field to make Capture the Flag go nocturnal.

Capture the Flag REDUX brings kids’ love of (perhaps obsession with?) technology outside in the form of LEDs. There are flashing lights you lay out to separate sides of the field, and each team has their own color wristbands and a matching colored ball. The objective is simple: Get the other team’s ball back to your side.

Although it’s marketed toward kids, we’d totally play this ourselves… maybe for our next team-building retreat? In fact, we’re wondering what other games we could light up with LEDs. Beach volleyball and whiffle ball are at the top of our lists.

This project is raising funds on Kickstarter. If their goal is met, they’ll be able to buy bulk supplies at wholesale prices and make this game a reality. With a $45 pledge, you’ll get the whole game for yourself, with enough materials to play with 20 people. We’re dialing up all of our friends already.

What do you think of Capture the Flag REDUX? Let us know in the comments!