Instagram is already the social platform of choice for your daily dose of #fitspo, outdoor #inspo and all the pretty little things that make your eyes do a happy dance. And though Queen Bey and the Kardashian fam reign supreme over the Instagram kingdom, 2015 was the year that celebrities really shared the social media spotlight with their beloved animal companions. Not sure what four-legged cuties to #follow right now? We rounded up the top 2015 celeb pets bound to make waves in 2016.


1. @normieandbambijenner: Though both of Kylie Jenner’s pups make an appearance, the real star of this Instagram account is Kylie’s little baby Norman (who also makes several daily appearances in her Snapchat). Pics range from Norman hanging out on a shelf with a toilet paper roll to spazzing out next to Kris Kardashian. Quirk and adorableness galore.


2. @missasiakinney: When your mom is Lady Gaga, your look always has to be #onpoint. Which is probably why this French bulldog has already been the face of a Coach campaign, graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and hung out with Alexander Wang. Mother Monster is already fabulous and over-the-top in the best kind of way, so why would you expect anything less of her adorable companion?


3. @shantiombb: Miley Cyrus’ little ball of fluff could own on Instagram with her super cute looks alone, but then you add Miley’s Photoshopping magic to the mix and you get a pet account any and all aspiring Baddie Winkles must-follow.

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4. @olivebeckham23: When your entire family has been genetically blessed, it’s only natural any animal additions would be equally as attractive. Such is the case with the Beckham family’s cocker spaniel, Olive.


5. @cairothekat: Guess new dad Mackelmore couldn’t help but add another addition (and Instagram account) to his young, growing family. World, meet Cairo. He loves posting #selfies featuring his good fur days, advice on how to get treats, deep reflections on life and living with the Grammy award-winning recording artist.


6. @cecildelevingne: It’s only fitting our favorite retired model forego the typical cat or dog companion in favor of a little animal as unique as she is. If you follow this hoppy little guy, don’t be surprised if his famous mom makes a few cameos.


7. @princess_paris_jr_the_pom: This little snow-white Pomeranian is not only real (sorry, but it just had to be said when a puppy is that small and that cute), but it lives a lavish lifestyle alongside Paris’ other four-legged friends.


8. @therealcleohadid: Whether distracting your supermodel mom or cuddling up on her chest, it’s all just a day in the life of Gigi’s kitten, Cleo. Can’t wait to see more pics of this cutie in 2016!


9. @therealwacha: The man who made millions of us fall (guiltily) in love with wealthy housewives gives you a glimpse into his life through the eyes of his real bestie, Wacha. Of course, things aren’t all Big Mac raincoats and visits to the tailor. Andy makes it clear Wacha was adopted from a high-kill shelter and encourages others to save a life too via #AdoptDontShop. Cute for a cause, what could be a better reason to follow?


10. @garyfisher: Young Gary has been making the media circuit rounds recently because his famous mom is none other than the OG Princess Leia.


11. @luckyhadid: Beyond being really really good-looking, the Hadids are also very, very pet-friendly. This sweet little 10-year-old pooch just joined Instagram, he really lives up to his name, and not just because he can call Gigi, Bella and Anwar as parents.

Have you thought about or made an Instagram for a pet? Share your pics with us @britandco.