Another day, another story about Beyoncé being awesome. The performer posted a video on Instagram yesterday of her workout routine to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. Not only are we super excited for the sneak peek into how she stays so, you know, Beyoncé-like (side note: we are SO trying this very doable-at-home routine), but we want to know more about the hashtag she used that’s about to blow up your Instagram feed.

In the video, Bey used #gimmefive, the hashtag FLOTUS has encouraged others to use on social media to share what they’re doing to live a healthier life. Well, once you have Beyoncé’s support, you can pretty much call your efforts a success.

Aside from the pop icon using #gimmefive, we noticed a few other Instagrammers who are using it to share quick shots of their exercise routine, some paired with an inspiring soundtrack. This has us thinking, after the Queen Bey has shared the idea with her 27 million followers, is this video trend about to blow up? We can’t say we’d be surprised if it did.

It’s been about seven months since the ice bucket challenge and almost a year since ladies went crazy posting no makeup selfies for cancer, so we’re definitely due for a new Internet craze to take over our feeds. And if that craze is one that encourages folks to challenge their friends to work out more, well that’s definitely one way to use the world wide web for a good cause.

What does your workout routine look like? Chat with us in the comments below, or better yet, share a video!

(Photo via Buda Mendes/Getty)