Snow can be beautiful, but the wetness and the cold? Not so much. If braving the weather this time of the year requires a bit more motivation, these 17 Instagram accounts will have you scrambling to get outside. And if you’re still not quite ready to face the cold, just snuggle up next to the fireplace and scroll right through the great outdoors.

1. @thedancingwind: Stephanie Baker’s photos from the mountains of Idaho have us swooning over the Potato State. She works at a wildlife sanctuary, so keep an eye out for animals in her mountain scenes.

2. @punkodelish: This Toronto-based photographer has some of the best changing leaves and snow scenes of the season. Skip digging through #autumnleaves, and go straight to this feed instead.

3. @fosterhunting: Foster Huntington is living the life most of us only dream about. He quit his job to travel the country in a van, starting #vanlife along the way. Now, all wanderlusted-out, he’s built his own treehouse — yup, a treehouse!

4. @bradleycastaneda: Camping in the snow sounds, well, cold. But Bradley Castaneda makes it look gorgeous. Scroll through this feed enough and you might just find yourself itching to drive up the nearest mountain.

5. @patagonia: Whether they’re rock climbing, snowshoeing or surfing, Patagonia-clad adventurers look so cool that we definitely want to follow suit. There are no skills needed for vicariously adventuring from an iPhone!

6. @cabinlove: Forget getting “Out of the Woods.” We can’t help fawning over @cabinlove’s rustic homes nestled in the trees. Soon, you’ll be dreaming of your very own A-frame in the woods too.

7. @upknorth: This Scandinavian-inspired outdoor clothing and supply retailer makes the wilderness look more glamorous than a five-star hotel. Equally populated by delicate antler jewelry and rugged mountain men, Up Knörth’s feed has plenty of eye candy.

8. @withhearts: Cory Staudacher’s Instagram account, @withhearts, showcases vast mountain landscapes. Seeking out serene spots in the Pacific Northwest, he turns the dreary gray fog into something mystical.

9. @victorofvalencia: This Instagram feed perfectly captures the American west. Mountain ranges, wide-open prairies, red rocks — @victorofvalencia has shot it all.

10. @chrisburkard: Chris Burkard’s images are so perfect that they hardly seem real. Just the colors — think cerulean blue oceans and glowing green forests — will take your breath away.

11. @danijelivic: Trees on trees on trees: there are enough in Danijel Ivic’s feed to keep anyone’s inner tree hugger happy. The Swedish photographer’s Instagram account could constitute a whole forest!

12. @jonathan360: Miss the sunshine? We sure do. A trip to a warmer climate may be in order after scrolling through this LA-based photographer’s sun-soaked frames.

13. @roblutter: This photographer/adventurer has been biking his way around the world and documenting it on Instagram. He’s biked through Australia, Vietnam, Turkey and more. Not jealous enough yet? Check out his blog too.

14. @corey_wilson: Sun, surf and sand are Corey Wilson’s Instagram account in a nutshell. Need we say more?

15. @benjaminheath: Benjamin Heath seems to be everywhere, from the desert to the mountains to the savannah of Africa. No matter which sort of wilderness you prefer, Benjamin’s Heath’s feed is likely to satisfy.

16. @michaelmatti: The Pacific Northwest sure seems like the place to be for outdoorsy Instagram photos and this Seattle-based photographer proves that. It certainly seems worth it to brave the rain for shots like this.

17. @usinterior: Featuring shots from national parks all over the United States, we’re swooning over the gorgeous photos on The US Department of the Interior’s Instagram account. This is all the inspiration you need for planning a cross-country road trip.

Which Instagrammers inspire you to brave the cold? Let us know in the comments!